2021- A massive year for PlayDapp


The world of PlayDapp took some giant leaps in 2021, fueling up that moon rocket ? ?

With Januarry in it’s stride now is the perfect time to look back at some selected highlights from the year!

Listings galore, PLA was listed on some real heavy hitters this year, making us a seriously recognised token.

Of course there were others, rounding out an impressive list of new places to get your hands on PLA!

Crypto.com, and coinbase pro amongst them, lets see even more coming up this year!

PlayDapp’s deep mobile RPG hit new ground this year with double service implementations. Bringing blockchain and then super rewarding play to this great game!

A new Social Hub and some hard-core technology ready to be deployed!

PlayDapp launched its SDK. Ready to comercialise and get it into the hands of eager developers! That was of course after we gave out some hints and dropped a massive info dump at Naver Cloud’s ‘GAME X CONFERENC’

A brand new social hub joins the PlayDapp world: PlayDapp Land is our metaverse social hub that helps to bring players closer together with numerous new experiences.

There was also the ETH to Polygon NFT bridge, which breathed new life into PlayDapp Town NFT on the Ethereum chain.

Of course the year saw us add in some great partnerships and tech markers to help us get everything working well.

From Chainlink VRF to help deliver true verifiable randomness in our Merges to ITSB and GamePot working closer together to provide blockchain functions. As well as groups like EVER studios getting in on the action with their awesome Digital Human work these partnerships help to bring the future of gaming to PlayDapp and you today.

There’s been plenty of other awesome events and activities in PlayDapp’s 2021. So we cherry picked the best of them!

We rocked it in New York during NFT.NYC one of the leading NFT spaces, helping us to share our vision and the impact that these new game methods can have.

PlayDapp’s global Media Manager, PlayDapp Editor_Ryan helped spread the word about PlayDapp, and you can find an awesome catch up here:

We started getting to know the PlayDapp gamers better! Like our awesome pall Jimmy133 who rocks the Along with the Gods game and can often be seen hanging out in our communities.

We, also started widening the scope of PlayDapp related experiences, starting with our work with Geodomain. Bringing new ownerships to the world.

Of course, there was so much more from the year, so make sure you catch up at https://medium.com/playdappgames

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