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Couple months ago, when we made the bold move of focusing just on blockchain gaming, it was a pretty risky move. It meant leaving the shore, not looking back, and not knowing where the journey was gonna lead us.

We were the first to see what was coming regarding blockchain gaming among the launchpads. We also worked damn hard, grew our team consistently, and tried to always do a little bit better than the day before.

We didn’t do everything perfectly, but we were relentless.

Starting as a community airdrop only project, without any backing, VC funding, public IDO whatsoever and reaching where we are today was a long shot.

Seedify is in a unique position now, in a market where most organizations are nowhere near being cash flow positive. Where most companies don’t know what to do with the budget they have, because it came so easy to them.

As Seedify, bootstrapping our way to the top, was where we have shined.

Now, it’s time to take things to the next level; for those who joined our ship very recently, and for those who believed in us since the beginning!

Today, we are announcing the launch of Seedify Meta Studios as a subdivision of Seedify. The function of Seedify Meta Studios will be working on secret metaverse related projects, each Codenamed on their own. Some of these projects will be connected for a higher mission/goal, and some will be standalone projects.

Additionally, rather than developing our own games for these metaverse projects, we will adopt more interesting ideas that will connect resourcefulness, deep planning, and new concepts that are hidden beneath the surface, so these projects can sometimes grow into things that wouldn’t be very visible from their initial creations. This part, is gonna be our unique sauce. To say it simply, we will get a little creative in the kitchen but also allow others to build on top of what we build through interesting ways.

During this month we have met with many candidates like concept artists, 3D artists, character designers, environment designers, vfx artists, and many people who are on top of their game to decide who should be in our first team. We met amazing people from AAA studios like Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft, and indie studios that are doing exceptional work.

The portfolios of the artists we have invited to the job meetings were sometimes at such high levels that we were mesmerized by the artwork, the talent, and the hard work.

Right after the release of this article, the artists which we found to be exceptional in their areas and fitting to the Seedify culture will be invited to Seedify Meta Studios as its first team members. 14 emails, 14 people. Initially. Set to be send today. This team will be growing as a subdivision through the following weeks and months.

After the initial orientations, the first codenamed project “Steameta.001PNK” will begin. On Monday, the 27th before this year ends.

In a fashion that won’t give too much info, but also not too little either, we can now share first part of the Steameta.001PNK brief with you all.

First Metaverse Collectible set to be worked on:


Steameta.001PNK Mech Mounts

Quantity: Under 5.000

NFTs will be created to be integrated first to ultra-realistic metaverse and multiverse projects with these specialties coded into the NFTs:

  • Color
  • Build Material
  • Weapon Slots
  • Power Skill Point
  • Speed Skill Point
  • Health Skill Point
  • Special Abilities (Connected to Armor Parts used)
  • Genesis vs Buildable
  • Quality: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • %10 Legendary, %15 Epic, %20 Rare, %25 Uncommon, %30 Common
  • Protection Skill Point (Connected to Armors)
  • Parts: Lower Body Armor, Upper Body Armor, Shoulder (+Ability), Gauntlet Ability (+Ability), Driver Protection (+Ability), 2 Secret Slots, Driver Seat
  • They will be rideable by avatars in integrated metaverses
  • May come with additional surprises (more than likely)
  • P.S. (All things subject to improvement and change)

Feel free to run your imagination, as the imagination brought through the collective consciousness of Seedify community, and Seedify Meta Studios might be connected sometimes.

We will be sharing surprises, and some candy events as we are building our first codenamed project.

Also, holding / staking / farming SFUND tokens, might certainly play key roles in the accumulation of Seedify Meta Studios, Original Assets.

As we are embarking on a new journey, there is no going back anymore.

A new dawn is here.

Let’s call for the Gods of Creation!…

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