A New Use of NFTs is Turning Digital Chairs into Physical Items you can Sit On


Y-Combinator backed Aesthetic.com launches thehighkey design’s “CreaChairs” series as its premier project

Interior design studio thehighkey debuts a series of 1000 procedurally generated metaverse-capable pieces as the premier project on the Y-Combinator backed NFT platform Aesthetic.com. 8 select designs from the series will be translated from a digital format into full-scale physical chairs and sent to their owners. This series bridges the gap between real-world furniture design and Web3.

Each chair is delivered in the Graphics Language Transmission Format (.GLB) for use in video games, Augmented Reality, 3D software, metaverse spaces, 3D printing and full-scale manufacturing. The built Lucky Chairs will be available through an auction format. One auction will be unlocked for every 200 CreaChairs minted. This ensures that production costs are covered and results in a new kind of crowdsourced design methodology.

The first two Lucky Chairs have already been auctioned off for 3ETH ($9,000 USD) each. This project will culminate in an exhibition featuring CreaChairs at a tbd location. But, this isn’t the only exhibition that the project will be featured in. One of the Lucky Chairs will also be presented at “Terrain Vague,” a Paris Metaverse Exhibition hosted by French Design Publication WGTFLW (end of April) The public mint is live on Aesthetic.com – You can find it here.

ABOUT thehighkey.

thehighkey is an interior design studio that flattens the space between digital and physical production. Founder John Vieweg is a multidisciplinary designer. His background in Architecture augmented by a concentration in digital technology has been the foundation of his design work.

ABOUT Aesthetic.

Aesthetic is a no-code platform for NFT creators. With Aesthetic’s end-to-end tools, NFT creators launch online communities, create free and paid drops, share exclusive content with token-holders and manage their communities. Aesthetic’s investors include Y Combinator, Paul Graham, SV Angel, A. Capital, Liquid2, Timothy Chen (Cosmos) and Dan Romero (Coinbase).

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