A Partnership for the Ages: Welcome Age of Tanks to the Knighthood Program


CryptoBladers, it is our pleasure to announce the newest partner and member of the Knighthood Program, Age of Tanks! Age of Tanks’ Token $AOT has entered the Multi-Farm with 320,000 AOT distributed over the next 4 weeks! It will be going live later today.

Age of Tanks is a 3D turn-based strategy game where players will build and command their fleet of tanks to conquer the Earth Zero Metaverse. Age of Tanks offers a multitude of game modes for you to enjoy including PvE Campaign, PvP Battle Conquest, and Guild Battles. These work alongside NFT land and champions available to purchase and upgrade! When it comes to assembling your fleet, there are 5 rarity levels, 4 tank parts, and 3 engine classes that are empowered with both offensive and defensive skills. Best of all, there are daily winners and rewards for those who play and win the most!

To join Age of Tanks or learn more about the game, visit their website and Twitter!

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