A rundown of the session with the Shiba Inu Team


Gokhshtein Media held a Twitter Space ShibAMA with the Shiba Inu team today. Queenie, the official moderator of Shiba’s discord channel, answered all questions that were asked during the session. She was convincing with her answers and spoke with integrity and grit impressing everyone who turned up in the space. However, Ryoshi, Shiba Inu creator, Shytoshi Kusama, Lead Developer of Shib token, and Eric M, ShibaSwap developer, did not speak but assisted Queenie with various answers through DM.

Around 11,000 people tuned in to Gokhshtein’s ShibAMA Twitter space and a lot was covered during the session. Queenie confirmed that BONE will be used as a key native gas token in the upcoming Shibarium layer-2 platform.

Below is the complete rundown of what was covered in the ShibAMA session with the Shiba Inu team.

Shiba Inu is a Wonderful Community

Queenie stated that Shiba Inu initially started out as an experiment in community building in a decentralized space. However, it scaled up to be the 13th biggest cryptocurrency in market cap and now rules the rot.

”Shiba Inu is essentially an experiment in community building in a decentralized space. Look where we are now! Shiba Inu is one big social experiment that has turned into a phenomenon. SHIB is now an enigma,” said Queenie.

SHIB is a Masterstroke by Ryoshi

Queenie also praised Ryoshi for his vision and launching Shiba Inu in August 2020. She also commended Shytoshi Kusama and Eric M for their remarkable work. “Making Shiba Inu is a masterstroke of brilliance by Ryoshi,” said Queenie during ShibAMA.

SHIB grew tenfold in less than two years of its inception and is the most popular crypto in the world. It stands shoulder-to-shoulder to giants Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Shiba Inu’s Tag As the ‘Dogecoin Killer’

Questions were asked as to why the core team decided to call SHIB the ‘Dogecoin Killer’. However, Queenie answered, “SHIB branded itself as the Dogecoin killer maybe because it’s in direct competition with Doge. And it’s also a marketing strategy to put us right there on the main platform with Doge,” she said.

SHIB’s DoggyDAO Development

The ShibAMA also talked about DoggyDAO and how it gives more power to SHIB users than the other way around. “It’s risen (DoggyDAO) because we reduce the level of accountability and is about making it more decentralized. DAO will be released step-by-step,” said Queenie.

“DoggyDAO is a decentralized project that would give power to the holder and vote on developments on upcoming SHIB projects. There will soon be a big announcement about DoggyDAO,” she said.

SHIB’s Hype and Functionality

A user asked if Shiba Inu’s hype and fame are distracting the core developers from doing their duty diligently. Queenie stated that hype and functionality are two different things in the SHIB world and don’t co-relate to each other.

“For Shiba Inu, hype and functionality are two separate things. SHIB thrives even in the bear market and we don’t even do marketing. People believe in SHIB no matter the price. However, the price is the loudest part,” she said.

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