‘A Safer Crypto Space?’—RiseUpV2 Adds a New Suit of Armor with Rug Screener

  • Crypto scams and exploits are increasing day by day.
  • To protect investors, RiseUpV2 created a new tech to combat these scams.
  • Rug Screener, a new tech, has a lot of features to provide an extra layer of security.

RiseUpV2, a platform that aims to make the crypto world a safe space for everyone, has launched a new tech that serves as a new suit of armor for investors. Called Rug Screener, this game-changing technology has a unique built-in system that provides them with relevant data to identify scams in the space.

Rug Screener boasts a plethora of features that are useful in keeping the RiseUpV2 community safe and secure. It gives useful information like a project’s smart contract address, links to their website and social media accounts, the total supply of tokens, the name of tokens, total holders, and tracks contract creators.

In addition, Rug Screener sends out honeypot warnings too. This lets investors know that they are allowed to buy tokens, but may not be able to sell them in the future–giving them a warning that it’s most likely a scam.

Furthermore, it also determines whether liquidity has already been locked or not, and the amount of the previously mentioned liquidity.

To help identify a credible project, Rug Screener displays other contracts created by the contract creator. As a result, investors can learn if the developer has launched other tokens from the same address that turned out to be fraudulent.

Moreover, the innovative tech provides the number of burned tokens and their percentage. This tells potential investors that if coins were burned before a launch, it means the token distribution among holders shown on the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain scanner does not display their actual shares.

Completing the list of functionalities is its scoring system. It delivers a warning to the user if a crypto project is not safe and trustworthy based on its score.

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