After Raising a Whopping $6.5 Million in Seed Financing, Rainmaker Games Sets Its Sights on Unique Fair Launch Auction


Rainmaker Games is coming fresh off of a $6.5 million fundraising round that’s going to help the project’s whitepaper get off the ground and truly become the place where the world plays to earn, as the slogan on the company’s website says.

Raising $6.5 million in fundraising is no small feat. It’s definitely something for the project to be proud of, especially considering some of the venture capital names supporting the cause. They include Polygon, and Animoca Brands, the blockchain gaming juggernaut behind The Sandbox and other big-name titles.

With plenty of working capital in the company’s war chest, Rainmaker Games is looking to take things to the next level with a unique, one-of-a-kind Fair Launch Auction (FLA) that allows individual crypto enthusiasts to get their hands on $RAIN tokens in the fairest way possible. 

Venture capital funding is certainly crucial to the success of a crypto project, but at the end of the day, the driving force behind the industry’s most successful games is going to be the community. Rainmaker’s FLA clearly takes that into consideration.

How to Participate in Rainmaker Games’ Fair Launch Auction

Rainmaker Games is using to run its fair launch auction, which takes place at 7PM Pacific Standard Time (3PM UTC) on December 17, 2021. Copper Launch is a platform dedicated to fair, open source, and transparent token launch auctions. It’s powered by Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools.

Together, Copper Launch and Rainmaker Games are allowing interested parties to get their hands on $RAIN tokens without barriers to entry. No KYC, no more middlemen, and no capital gatekeepers or geographical constraints. The partnership allows Rainmaker Games to continue building out its idea while letting the community be not just the driving force, but the leading beneficiary of the project’s future successes.

A Detailed Breakdown of Rainmaker Games’ Fair Launch Auction

Rainmaker Games offers a complete and simple breakdown of its fair token launch on its Website. As mentioned, it will begin on December 17, 2021 at 7PM Pacific Standard Time (3PM UTC time). The sale will last for 72 hours, meaning that it ends on December 20, 2021 at 7PM Pacific Standard Time (3PM UTC time).

The starting price for each token will simply be one dollar. The starting weights for the launch will be 95% $RAIN tokens and 5% stablecoins.

Why This Rainmaker Games Launch Is a Big Deal

The whole reason for the existence of Rainmaker Games is that it allows gamers of all levels to start playing for free. They can seamlessly switch between different games without having to understand the intricacies of different blockchains, DApps, or traditional software applications. 

They can manage their earnings, watch reviews on games, train themselves on the skills related to the games that will earn them more tokens, and chat with Rainmaker members all around the world through one platform.

Rainmaker Games aims to be the global play-to-earn gateway for gamers all around the world who want to entertain themselves and pursue financial freedom in a way that only blockchain technology makes possible.

As players improve their skills on the platform, they can unlock special NFT assets and get scouted by top gaming guilds all around the cryptoverse.

Take a moment to think about the fact that the blockchain gaming industry is likely going to be the biggest and most popular on-ramp to crypto and blockchain technology that the industry has ever seen. 

Consider that young gamers who know nothing about crypto, but know everything about the sense of community, competition, and potential profit that comes with getting good at gaming will get hooked on blockchain gaming. 

It’s obvious that Rainmaker Games is positioned to turn their $6.5 million in financing and upcoming Fair Launch Auction into something special.Interested parties can follow Rainmaker Games through the organization’s mailing list, Twitter or Telegram leading up to the auction on Dec. 17th at 7PM PST.

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