Alpacaverse Launches Alpacasino in the Metaverse


Alpacaverse, a social gaming and metaverse entertainment platform, has announced the launch of its premium entertainment product – a virtual casino called the Alpacasino. First players that join over the weekend are promised 50% cashback for their first top up. This means that the Alpacaverse will put back 50% of lost funds after first topping up – up to 25,000 WFAIR tokens. Additionally, the first 500 users will be able to receive a lifetime ambassador badge along with up to 25M WFAIRs per month. The badge will be later converted into an NFT, which is tradeable. The Alpacaverse outlines all terms and conditions for players here.        

Here are some of the existing and planned features of the Alpacasino:

  • The Alpacasino as a fully transparent, blockchain-enabled social casino that allows users to chat with other alpacas – they are herd animals.
  • Players can visit others’ betting and gaming history.
  • They can see live bets and cashouts by other alpacas in multiple games, starting with Pump&Dump, Elonpaca and Alpacamel Oil Rush. This provides a sense of the strategy of other players.

Among other planned features: Challenging other alpacas / selling your NFT alpaca, copying other users betting activity, sending other alpacas tokens in the chat, and adding social layers to more games.

Today’s launch follows last week’s approval of the Alpacaverse’s international gaming license, which will help onboard users and get funding for the platform. With the recent launch of the WFAIR token, resplendent of its gaming technology from Wallfair, the token is geared toward casinonomics and metaverse utility.

The WFAIR token is the cornerstone of the Alpacaverse, unlocking participation in games, granting voting rights in product development and rewarding eligible holders with a portion of platform fees. One of the recent announcements from the Alpacaverse is its partnership with Smartsoft Gaming, which will provide some of the gaming options within the Alpacasino. The Alpacaverse is readying to onboard more gaming partners as it is currently ramping up operations to allow for seamless integration across all its components.

“Wallfair provides technology that is the cornerstone of metaverses built with speculative entertainment in mind. To demonstrate what our technology can achieve, we are developing our very own, Wallfair-powered metaverse  – the Alpacaverse. Having secured a license to become a fully regulated entertainment platform, we are in Phase 1 of developing what will become an all-inclusive showcase of the speculative entertainment experience,” says founder Sebastian Diemer. He adds that the Alpacasino is the ultimate showcase of what Wallfair technology and the WFAIR token can do.

The Wallfair Ecosystem

Much of the ecosystem has already been created and is currently ready to ramp up and scale to onboard new users to the Alpacasino. The diagram presents an overview of how it looks, and what to expect as far as how the WFAIR token interacts with the gaming elements. There is plenty of room for 3rd party applications, so game developers can reach out to Wallfair and see how they  can integrate your game into their metaverse using an open source protocol!

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