Ambire Launches First Network Fee Prepay Mechanism with dedicated NFT promo


Ambire Wallet raises the smart wallet bar: new Gas Tank feature brings users fee savings and exclusive NFTs

Snapshot: a bear market that seems to be even more comfortably settling-in as time goes by; yet even though prices and balances are going down, builders seem to be relentless. New projects, features, releases and events pop-up daily in the crypto space, keeping it the hottest branch in fintech, and crypto-users on the edges of their seats — although still wondering how they can afford to play with all the new toys available.

One solution comes from open-source, non-custodial smart wallet Ambire, which launched at the end of 2021, promising to bring security, performance and ease of use to DeFi. Now, working to bridge the gap between web2-level UX and web3 possibilities, the Ambire team introduces a feature that will change the smart wallet game: the Ambire Gas Tank, a prepay-like mechanism that helps users save significantly on network fees, at the same time rewarding its early adopters with exclusive NFTs.

Why the Ambire Gas Tank Matters

In a gas fee context that saw sky-high network costs for the better part of the past year, users are hungry for ways to diminish the price of engaging and managing assets — which is why we saw the rise and fast embracement of side-chain solutions such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and the likes. 

Ambire has already  integrated multiple L2 solutions, but it is still pushing the envelope further, trying to squeeze even more value for its users: it has created a chain-agnostic solution that brings both relief and an upgraded user experience — a window into how flexible and versatile a smart wallet can be, as a DeFi tool. 

When enabled, the Ambire Gas Tank offers users savings on transaction fees that are paid with stablecoins or ERC-20 tokens (another feature native to smart wallets). Similar to how you would credit/prepay for a voice or data sim card, the Gas Tank credits the relayer in advance for gas fees, through one deposit made to the relayer fee address.  This means users will pay less for every new transaction that needs to be relayed while the Gas Tank feature is active, saving significantly on network fees, in time. 

To make the most of the Ambire Gas Tank, users can use it to pay network fees in stablecoins like USDT/USDC/DAI etc. — this is the absolute cheapest way you can go for transaction fees, even compared to top smart wallet competitors like [Gnosis] Safe or Argent. Couple that with the batching transactions feature native to Ambire (grouping multiple operations together in one transaction) and we have one of the best fee saving combos in DeFi.

And the biggest flexibility the Gas Tank brings to Ambire users? After they deposit tokens and enable the tank, they are free to pay for transactions with any token in their Gas Tank balance, on any network — even if it’s not natively supported. For example, they can deposit GLMR on Moonriver, and use it to pay for transactions on Arbitrum, BNB, Optimism or Polygon etc.

Read more about how the Ambire Gas Tank works here

NFTs for Prepaying Gas Fees

Along with the innovative feature, Ambire is also launching a limited promotion that will reward the first 10.00 users that qualify using the Gas Tank with a special-edition NFT drop. 

Between July 21st  and 31st , any user that deposits a minimum of 100USD equivalent in crypto to the Ambire Gas Tank automatically receives an exclusive NFT, created especially for this event. The NFTs also come with a bonus 1.25 multiplier for $WALLET rewards (the Ambrie native token). 

100USD deposit might seem like a lot for some,  but the sum can be totalled from multiple deposits made throughout the promo period, not only through a single one. To make things even more flexible for its users, Ambire has whitelisted several different tokens as eligible for prepaying, on ten major networks.

Eyes on Ambire Wallet: the Smart Wallet that Speaks Human 

In just 7 months since its launch, Ambire Wallet has an impressive list of achievements: surpassing the 50 Mil. USD in TVL threshold, and counting more than 80.000 registrations, it has released multiple network integrations (currently supporting twelve EVM L1 and L2 chains), a native $WALLET token with in-built user reward mechanism, NFT support — all while boasting in-app solutions for dApp interaction (via Wallet Connect), cross-chain operations, farming or swaps.

The Ambire mission is clear: onboarding the next billion users in crypto, making it easy for everyone to manage assets and interact on the emerging web3. This vision translates into an approach that is quite unique in the wallet category: sign-up options that span from hardware wallets to email & password, upgradable security options, a clear and informative UI that guides and explains every step of each operation, helping users understand actions and minimizing the risk of mistakes or losing funds.

Available on mobile and desktop as a webapp, Ambire plans to release a mobile app and a browser extension by the end of  2022, securing its place as a one-stop-shop for managing crypto through the web3 journey.

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About Ambire 

Ambire is a tech innovator. Founded in 2017, the company creates blockchain and web3 solutions in crypto asset management and hosts the largest payments channels network on Ethereum.

In an approach that bridges the needs of high-demand and novice users alike, through innovative customer-focused market approaches, Ambire develops and stewards the new-generation solution for digital advertising Ambire AdEx and the DeFi-focused crypto smart wallet, Ambire Wallet. 

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