Analysts: Could Uniglo (GLO) And Ethereum (ETH) Take The Lead During 2022?


The year so far has been incredibly interesting for the crypto space. While we did see some recent losses—it’s not all bad. There’s still an incredible future for crypto and digital finance. In fact, many are increasing their investments right now at prices that might not be available for much longer. While current prices are down from all-time highs for a lot of well-known coins, the real value is in the long-term. So forget about hourly charts and set your portfolio up for genuine long-term success. And you can do that with both GLO and Ethereum.

Both of them are incredibly important projects that have a ton of potential in the crypto space. They should be part of the digital world’s drive even further into the mainstream, and should be mainstays of your portfolio for the coming years. Analysts are predicting big things for these two projects, let’s have a look at why…

Uniglo solves major issues in the finance world

Uniglo (GLO) has already been getting a ton of attention in the crypto space. It’s just heading into pre-sale, so now could be the perfect time to invest if you want to ride a coin all the way up. Imagine if you had the opportunity to invest in ETH when it was still in pre-sale.

And Uniglo has a ton of strong fundamentals that help solve key issues in the crypto and wider financial world. It’s completely deflationary and has an incredibly stable asset-backed base price. One that isn’t prone to massive price dumps. Analysts like GLO because its asset-backing is made up of a range of completely diversified products like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, collectibles and even real world assets like fine whisky, art and gold. This gives a truly stable price, and investors confidence in a currency they can actually spend in day-to-day life.

And unlike fiat, new GLO won’t be printed. It will get more and more scarce, making it a solution to the economy’s major inflation problems. GLO introduces a unique dual-burn mechanism to continue to take tokens out of the market, decreasing supply and helping boost the price. That’s why getting in early with GLO is key, and now could be the perfect time as it enters pre-sale.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum might have dipped a bit recently, but it has shown real strength since then. People were predicting much lower lows, but these haven’t happened yet. While ETH is still under pressure as the second biggest crypto thanks to overall economic conditions, it’s still got a strong future. It’s also important to remember the wider ecosystem—ETH isn’t just one coin, Ethereum is home to countless other projects and is the heart of the blockchain development world. It’s here to stay, and with ETH 2.0 on the horizon, issues like slow transactions and high fees should be solved. These reasons mean that the sky is the limit for ETH holders.

Both ETH and GLO have strong potential to help redefine the crypto space throughout 2022 and beyond. That’s why analysts are recommending both for your portfolio right now.

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