Apecoin (APE), Cosmos (ATOM), and Quitriam Finance (QTM) Could Provide 10,000X Gains for Your Wallet


Apecoin (APE), Cosmos (ATOM), and Quitriam Finance (QTM) could together result in 10,000X gains for your cryptocurrency wallet. Add these three crypto tokens at regular intervals and you could gain handsome returns. 

Out of these three cryptocurrencies, Quitriam Finance stands out as it is currently available via presale and is a small-cap token meaning that there is strong potential for growth. Apecoin and Cosmos on the other hand, could help in protecting your portfolio against volatility and reduce risk. Earning through cryptocurrencies is possible and many investors around the world have become millionaires overnight. 

To help you in your crypto-journey, we have outlined the unique utility of these three coins that will help you make sound investment decisions.

Apecoin (APE) Looks to Be Golden in 2022

The APE Token has been recently released as a new exciting project by the team behind Bored Ape Yacht Collections (BAYC) NFTs. 

APE Token will be used as the governance and utility token throughout the APE ecosystem. Token holders will be able to vote and decide the future map of the ecosystem. The company behind Apecoin is Yuga Labs which has a lot of experience in the NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) space. 

Apecoin is performing solidly in the market, currently being offered at a price just below the $10 mark. Could it soon improve and surpass its all-time-high value of $39.40 obtained in March 2022? 

Buying the “dip” now could result in amazing gains later!  

Quitriam Finance (QTM) Is Here to Yield Big Profits

The Quitriam Finance Token is available through the presale route and you can buy it here. 

Quitriam Finance will include a decentralized exchange where users will be able to trade tokens across different blockchain networks. This is one of the major utilities of the QTM Token. Users can save on gas fees while carrying out exchanges or transfers between a variety of different networks. 

The platform will be run on democratic principles and will be governed through a DAO. Quitriam Finance DAO Foundation will maintain the Quitriam Finance platform and provide services to  holders, who will benefit in many ways from the site and will in turn govern and decide the future road map.

The ecosystem will also include a stablecoin called QT, and it can be farmed by staking QTM. A stable coin inside the Quitriam Finance platform will help in providing liquidity pairs at the click of a button and interest could also be paid out in the same stablecoin. 

Users can get many benefits by purchasing the QTM Token since it is an ecosystem of services that will include a DEX, a launchpad for new tokens, lending platform, staking platform, and an NFT marketplace. 

QTM holders will get early access and airdrops in each platform governed under the Quitriam Finance DAO.


Cosmos (ATOM): Best Bet for the Next Crypto Rally? 

Cosmos is one of the first networks to successfully propose a solution for interconnecting networks. 

Rather than operating as a standalone blockchain, it seeks to serve as the hub or mother network that will help in interconnecting other side chains. Thus, it can help in transferring data and tokens across different networks, and developers can make use of the tools and features on different blockchains without having to deploy their dApps and tokens on each network separately. 

The ATOM Token could rise to greater heights in the future and could witness a strong rally as the Cosmos network is expanded. 

Currently, many developers have shifted to the Cosmos chain because of its inherent interoperability. While other blockchains are in the process of incorporating cross-chain solutions, Cosmos (ATOM) enjoys the first mover advantage and this alone should help in the ATOM token experiencing a major upsurge in the future possibly rising above the all-time-high of $44.70. 

Get your hands on each of the three tokens and try to accumulate a healthy volume to take advantage of the next crypto bull run. Early holders could generate magnificent returns once the Quitriam Finance (QTM) ecosystem launches successfully on the market after its 3 presale stages. 


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