Aurory Sets The Stage For Seamless Web3 Gaming With New Integration On Arbitrum


Key Points:

  • Web3 gaming company Aurory announces integration with Arbitrum, Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution, enabling digital asset existence on both Arbitrum and Solana blockchains.
  • Players can now use SyncSpace technology to deposit and withdraw gaming assets between Solana and Arbitrum, offering a seamless cross-chain experience.
  • This significant milestone advances Aurory’s multi-platform vision and enhances the utility of in-game assets.
Aurory, a renowned web3 gaming company offering a universe of interoperable games, has taken a significant step towards its multi-platform vision. The company recently announced its integration with Arbitrum, the leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, opening up new possibilities for digital asset acquisition and management within its gaming ecosystem.

While Aurory’s free-to-play games don’t require wallet connections, the company has enabled on-chain Aurory assets to exist on both Arbitrum and Solana, two prominent blockchain ecosystems within the web3 gaming realm. These assets encompass AURY tokens, playable NFT characters, skins, and Neftie eggs, all of which serve or will serve a utility in Aurory’s flagship games, Adventures (JRPG) and Tactics (Timeline-Based Battle Arena).

SyncSpace technology plays a pivotal role in making this integration possible. It is a proprietary hybrid on-chain/off-chain inventory management system specifically designed by Aurory. Originally aimed at reducing friction for new users entering the Aurory gaming universe without the need for wallet connections, SyncSpace also allows them to earn in-game items that can later be minted on-chain when withdrawn to an external wallet. Moreover, users can deposit on-chain items into SyncSpace, facilitating seamless gameplay, trading, Neftie egg hatching, Aurorian expeditions, and more without the constant need for blockchain transaction approvals.

By leveraging SyncSpace, Aurory now empowers gamers to deposit their assets from the Solana network into SyncSpace and withdraw them on the Arbitrum network and vice versa, ensuring a seamless cross-chain experience. Notably, this innovation also opens the door for Aurory games to integrate with traditional gaming platforms that impose stricter regulations on incorporating blockchain elements.

Aurory Sets The Stage For Seamless Web3 Gaming With New Integration On Arbitrum

The integration with Arbitrum comes at a time when the network is making substantial strides in the web3 gaming industry. During the first quarter of 2023, Arbitrum witnessed a staggering 125% growth in active blockchain gaming users, thanks to its cutting-edge technological advancements in scaling performance. The Arbitrum Nova scaling solution utilizes “AnyTrust” technology, processing data off-chain to enable low-cost transactions, which is particularly beneficial for game developers handling high transaction volumes.

Arbitrum has been a hotbed of activity lately, attracting prominent projects in the blockchain gaming space. Notably, Xai, a gaming-focused permissionless Layer 3 blockchain, revealed plans to launch on the network later this year. Additionally, The Graph, a leading indexing and query protocol for organizing blockchain data, recently commenced its final phase of migration to Arbitrum. Moreover, Cega expanded its structured DeFi investment product to the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Aurory Sets The Stage For Seamless Web3 Gaming With New Integration On Arbitrum

As Aurory’s integration with Arbitrum unfolds, players can now choose to have their gaming assets reside on the network, including Aury tokens, playable NFT characters, skins, and Neftie eggs. These assets hold significant value within Aurory’s flagship games, Adventures, and Tactics, enhancing the gaming experience for users.

The collaboration between Aurory and Arbitrum marks a notable milestone in the web3 gaming industry, propelling cross-chain gaming capabilities to new heights. With these advancements, players can expect an enhanced and seamless gaming experience while further solidifying Ethereum’s position as a leading blockchain platform for gaming innovation.

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