Ava Labs proposes relocating the Otherside Metaverse to its ecosystem


Recently the web platform dedicated to smart contracts for Blockchain, Ava Labs, was present in one of the new Metaverse projects launched by Yuga Labs. According to reports, the agency had recommended the Otherside metaverse manager to work from AVAX.

The Metaverse has been a topic of discussion recently due to the increased participation among major crypto companies. In turn, the virtual scheme also serves as a distraction element in the face of the bearish streak that the crypto market has presented these days.

Advances in Metaverse Otherside

By April 2022, the Otherside Metaverse launched by the company Yuga Labs was successful, showing a very high rate of negotiations. However, despite the sales index being about $300,000,000 and supporting the OpenSea web platform, it was also heavily criticized for the tax rate of the Ether network. Among the negative comments are that the collection was overpriced and a total disaster.

On the other hand, the director of Ava Labs, which in turn supports the Blockchain of competition against ETH Avalanche, also criticized the NFT sale. The crypto company wants the Otherside project to be transferred to Avalanche to optimize its operations under a more profitable scheme. Ava Labs clarifies that alternate networks are a special option within Avalanche, which is why its popularity has increased drastically compared to the Ether network.

Ava Labs proposes integration, but Otherside Metaverse makes the final decision

Ava Labs

Although the Ava Labs web platform proposes the integration of the Otherside metaverse to its dedicated network, this does not prevent them from making another decision either. The metaverse project will decide which network to use according to their plans.

There are several Blockchains available. Not only does Ava Labs share a dedicated scheme, but there is also Immutable X which is a very close competitor.

If the Otherside Metaverse leaves the APE within the Ether network, the scheme may become unbalanced and, of course, loses prestige. But it is also good to remember that the Ether network is one of the oldest for the Metaverse. Therefore, participating in these projects is relevant for new investors or fans.

Meanwhile, the crypto market continues its bearish streak showing a drop of more than 1 percent for Bitcoin. Ethereum continues to struggle to stay between $1,700 in value, but the downward trend is not going unnoticed.

The Otherside decision will be announced soon. However, like the entire crypto industry, these decisions are uncertain, so anything is possible.

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