Battle Derby – the latest P2E game on Chromia to raise $1.8 million in private funding

Battle Derby has just finished its $1.8 million private funding round. The event attracted some of the big names in the industry such as Chromia, Grow Your Base Inc., AlphaCoin Fund, Crypt2Gem, 98KDAO, and WillyRex. In addition, the company received a loan from SODECAN and FCF1 for its R&D activities.

Battle Derby is an engaging mobile racing game. Incubated and built by Triple O Studios, the project chooses to launch on the Chromia blockchain. Different from some conventional games, Battle Derby will mainly focus on perfecting the tokenomic and streamlining the integration of blockchain into gaming, providing end-users with an intuitive experience and beautiful graphics.

Triple O Games has a vision toward providing blockchain games with sustainable P2E encryption technology through an innovative model they call “Proof-of-Skill.”

Isidro Quintana, CEO of Triple O Games, stated:

The check of ability is not a consensus mechanism but an incentive framework that controls the rewards and governance procedure in the game. The goal of this framework is to give far more energy to the gamers.”

Battle Derby will expand its media presence in the coming weeks, and is working its way toward the final alpha testnet rollout on Chromia. The public sale, the time of TGE, and mainnet are expected to be at the end of this year.

Chromia (CHR) is a blockchain platform that combines technology between blockchain and relational databases – databases for decentralized applications, conceived to meet the shortcomings of existing platforms and designed to allow a new generation of dApps to expand beyond existing capabilities. Chromia was formerly known as Chromapolis. The goal of the project is to build its own blockchain network that allows the development of easy, efficient dApps with high throughput.

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