BAYC’s New Game HV-MTL Forge Ready


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  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has announced that the new game HV-MTL Forge has officially launched.
  • HV-MTL Forge is a crafting game that pits players against each other and requires HV-MTL NFT for the full experience.
  • HV-MTL Forge will last for 6 seasons and 2 modes.
According to official news, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has announced that the new game HV-MTL Forge has officially launched. According to the report, HV-MTL Forge is a casual space-building and petting game incorporating maze exploration.

Yuga Labs developed the game in collaboration with Makemepulse. The game tasks players with creating a forge and keeping their HV characters happy and productive. After you create a space and the items in it, you can submit it for voting. If the community likes what you’ve done, you can climb the social leaderboards and get energy for the game’s quests.

HV-MTL Forge will last for 6 seasons and 2 modes, providing players with 6 opportunities to upgrade. The HV of the HV-MTL series was originally a small cube named “Power”, which is currently in the EVO1 state and can be upgraded through Will evolve to the EVO2 state.

User HV needs at least 3 AMP Upgrades to reach Evo2 status, and any HV entering the season (regardless of rank) will receive AMP, and other HV holders’ daily votes will decide their season standings ranking. The final seasonal ranking will determine how rare the AMP users receive.

BAYC's New Game HV-MTL Forge Ready

After nine weeks (August 31), Forge’s game premise will expand to include Rift challenges, where select NFT mech owners will have to compete in a new game mode of the genre. “dungeon collector”.

In Rifts, players will have to craft, explore, and seek rewards to get to the game’s final stages. According to Yuuga Forging Game Guide, selected players will have to battle “epic beasts” in the game’s final stages and compete with each other for unspecified “treasures” before the game time runs out.

While HV-MTL has a lot of its own ecosystem under the Yuga umbrella, there will also be space for BAYC, MAYC and BAKC holders in the game mechanics. These mechanics won’t be revealed until the second part of Forge comes out.

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