Biconomy – $2M Grants Program


Biconomy will allocate $2M over the next 6 months to support projects & initiatives that help increase web3 adoption. Projects can apply for grants.

These grants will be given to projects in four key categories:

  • Building user friendly dApps
    • Grants will be given to projects and applications that leverage Biconomy to simplify their dApps.
  • Educating the masses
    • Grants will be give to fund educators and content creators who help people learn and use decentralised web3 technologies
  • Improving the multi-chain infrastructure
    • They are building the multi-chain infrastructure in an open source and collaborative way. Thus, grants will be given to improve their protocol and develop public goods.
  • Incentivizing web3 adoption
    • Grants will be given to gamification ideas that help onboard more users or increase the usage of partner applications in the bicosystem.


Contributor to making web3 mainstream!

You can get involved in many different ways!



Through Biconomy’s powerful and easy to use SDK/APIs, you can enable a simple and customized transaction journey so that your end users don’t get intimidated by blockchain complexities. This enables seamless interactions between your application and your end-users. The simplified web3 experience will ensure that drop-off rates decrease, thereby increasing user adoption.



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