Bit Hotel To Give Away 500 Wasder Guest NFTs

Bit Hotel plans to airdrop to celebrate its partnership with Early 500 players who will be selected from both platforms will receive 1 NFT Airdrop.

A joint event is being held by social gaming platform Wasder and Bit Hotel, a FreeToEarn social metaverse game on BNB Chain. On August 30, the event was tweeted about.

500 persons that have performed all entries will be randomly selected as winners. Winners will get airdropped 1 x Bit Hotel NFTs.

Players receive an in-game benefit in terms of money when playing as Wasder avatars. These are equippable playable avatars that may be used in the Bit Hotel metaverse as of the beta. These airdropped avatars signify the user’s early connection with Bit Hotel and Wasder.

Users can find friends, join communities, and exchange content on the multichain social gaming platform Wasder. It is a social media site that caters primarily to gamers. Users can form parties with new people to play their favorite games or find content through a single centralized hub.

$WAS token, can be spent on cosmetic upgrades, giving tips to your favorite content creator, participating in VIP events, or even challenging other players. Earn $WAS by being an active member of the platform, hosting tournaments, creating content, or ranking high on the community leaderboards.

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