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BitDAO is a new DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) supported by Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Pantera, Dragonfly, Spartan, Bybit and more. BIT token holders can vote to allocate the world’s largest DAO-directed treasury, partner with leading protocols, and build a decentralized and tokenized future.

Bybit, a leading crypto exchange and early supporter of BitDAO, has pledged recurring contributions to the BitDAO treasury which at 2021 rates exceeds $1B per year (see analytics).

BitDAO aims to:

  1. Partner with projects via token swaps and co-development efforts. Token swaps will enable the BitDAO treasury to accumulate a collection of the top crypto project tokens.
  2. Build core products which enable BitDAO and other DAOs to function more effectively. This includes on-chain and off-chain Governance solutions, and DAO Treasury Management solutions.
  3. Provide grants to teams that produce research or products that are public goods for the crypto industry.

All treasury actions will be determined by BIT token holders via a proposal and voting process.

Read more about BitDAO here:

SushiSwap is a leading community driven DeFi platform.

MISO is a standardized, one-click launchpad to launch new project on the SushiSwap exchange. MISO aims to drive diverse projects (social tokens, utility tokens, NFTs, etc.) to the exchange with the most user-friendly and capital efficient manner for both technical and non-technical project founders. Projects launched through MISO and traded on Sushiswap will also enjoy suite of other product support Sushi provides.

The SushiSwap DAO is the first DeFi DAO to work with BitDAO and have provided technical support for BitDAO governance and treasury management design and roadmap.

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