Bitcoin’s price dip has attracted large whales


After a very bullish trend in March, Bitcoin (BTC) has slowed significantly in April. The coin dropped below the $40,000 for the first time in weeks. BTC has managed to pair up some of these losses and much of this is down to increased whale buying. Here are the main takeaways:

  • Institutional investors and other big wallets bought BTC massively at $38,000.

  • This buying activity has pushed the coin above $42,000 once again

  • Whale accumulation often suggests a bullish momentum is around the corner.

Data Source: Tradingview 

How will whale activity affect Bitcoin?

In the near term, we expect the price of Bitcoin to maintain a steady upward trajectory. The accumulation of BTC by large wallets is often a sign that more gains are coming. At the moment, BTC remains firmly above the crucial; $40,000 mark. We expect consolidation to continue before the mega-cap strides towards $45,000. 

It is very difficult however to see any more upside above $45,000. In fact, even during its robust March rally, BTC failed to clear $49,000 and would soon fall sharply after. It is likely that most of the dip buyers we saw at the $38,000 prices are short-term investors. 

We expect a majority of them to lock in profit once the coin crosses $45,000. This will lead to a mini sell-off that will return Bitcoin back to $40,000 in the shorter term.

Should you follow the Whales?

Well, the $38,000 price was the most appropriate for BTC investors. But there is enough upside for the coin to hit $45,000 from its current price. You can therefore consider buying and make at least 10% in returns over the coming days. But if you want to hold for the longer term, BTC still has the potential to 2x your money by the end of this year.

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