BladeOfGodX Collaboration with NinjaGameGuild


BladeOfGodX Collaboration with NinjaGameGuild, BladeOfGodX released a guide in where users can join and participate in upcoming rewards.

Gameplay Guide

A summary of the new features and adjustments for this playtest: As BladeOfGodX Collaboration with NinjaGameGuild.

  1. Introduction of AI Agent and Soul Core Minting functionalities, allowing players to experience AI-assisted combat, token unlocking, and obtain Mintable Soul Card NFTs.
  2. Addition of the new character Chaos, who can undergo class advancement at level 18.
  3. Introduction of a new gameplay mode called God’s Challenge.
  4. Adjustments and improvements to the cooperative gameplay of Ancient Gods and Two Souls.
  5. Introduction of new player objectives.
  6. Optimizations made to the overall game flow to enhance the player experience.
Concept Guide

AI Agent: can be trained to act as battle agents, assist in combat, help unlock tokens, and help earn additional rewards.

Mint: can turn Mintable Soul Cores into Soul Card NFTs.

$tBOGX: tokens required for minting.

$tvBOGX: in-game earnings are converted into $tBOGX through AI Agents.

Mintable Soul Cores: specific soul cores that can be minted and are generated within the game.

Soul Card NFT: items obtained after Soul Core Minting, which possess additional attributes.

Mint Campaign

For this test, they designed a new mint campaign and created a mint score leaderboard.

  • Minted Soul Card NFTs are awarded points based on their quality and total number, which will be used for distributing rewards in subsequent phases of testing.
  • Purple (Epic): 50 points
  • Legendary: 80 points
  • Primordial: 150 points



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