Bored Apes arrive in casino games with the launch of MetaWin


MetaWin launches ‘MetaWheel’, A Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed NFT casino game and plans to give away $5 Million in NFT prizes.

MetaWin, Web3’s newest real-money gaming site has integrated NFTs from both the Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht club collections into its latest game offering.‍

The ‘wheel of fortune’ style concept allows players to spin a wheel and either win (when it lands on the BAYC) or lose when it lands on the Mutant Ape. Stringing together a series of wins will reveal prizes along the way like the Millionaire TV show and players will decide to take the prize awarded or risk it all for the potential of a huge NFT win.‍

MetaWin founder Richard Skelhorn said,

“We are excited to see these BAYC and MAYC characters feature in our first game.  It’s just the beginning for us to license and produce NFT-based games for our community to enjoy. Initially, we’ll beta test MetaWheel by using it as a game that pays out whitelist positions for our forthcoming NFT release. When we are happy with the launch we’ll move to NFT prizes and further game launches as we have many titles under development”.

MetaWin provides an entertaining Web3-enabled community where players can enjoy a multiplayer gaming environment and share in winning huge prizes.  Its NFT project, ‘The MetaWinners’ will feature a utility first token that will allow holders to share in passive income and play to earn opportunities.  Holders can also license their own blue-chip NFTs to Metawin to earn additional revenue from their Apes, Doodles, Azukis and other projects.

Come play for a whitelist spot now at

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