Built-In SHIB Burn Using Shibarium Could Propel Shiba Inu Price to a New All-Time High Once Billion-Dollar Companies Start Using It

  • Lucie stressed that SHIB token burns are driven by the community’s engagement, not a demand for action from developers.
  • Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 network, is approaching a significant milestone with nearly three million total transactions.

In a recent tweet, Lucie, representing the Shiba Inu community, addressed a crucial matter circulating among SHIB token enthusiasts. The central question of when Shibarium will initiate SHIB token burns was deftly corrected by Lucie, who highlighted a fundamental misunderstanding. Lucie clarified that the Shibarium blockchain itself cannot trigger SHIB token burns. Instead, she asked the community a more pertinent question: “When will you all transition from exchanges and begin utilizing Shibarium?”

This change in emphasis surprises many who have been ardently discussing token burns, but Lucie brings a fresh perspective to the discussion. She emphasized the need for active engagement with Shibarium, underscoring how SHIB tokens burn within this ecosystem. Lucie made it evident that SHIB burns occur exclusively with each transaction on the blockchain, emphasizing that they are a collaborative effort by the community rather than a demand for action from developers.

Community-Driven Token Burns

Lucie reiterated that SHIB token burns are a community-driven endeavor, not a request directed at the developers. She stated, “The truth is that $SHIB burns are a result of the community’s involvement, not a plea to the developers saying, ‘Take action.’” This viewpoint highlights that the more Shiba Inu enthusiasts engage with the Shibarium platform, the more they contribute to reducing the SHIB token supply.

The Shiba Inu community has the numbers and potential to effect substantial token burns, provided SHIB holders collectively rally behind the burn movement. Lucie encouraged the community to actively participate and support the initiative in significant numbers, ultimately contributing to the reduction of the SHIB token supply.

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Shibarium’s Appeal and Security

Beyond token burns, Lucie also sheds light on Shibarium’s unique attributes. She emphasized that assets stored on the Shibarium platform are as secure as on a centralized exchange. This assertion underscores the platform’s commitment to providing a secure environment for SHIB token holders.

Lucie took the opportunity to caution the Shiba Inu community about the risks associated with using centralized crypto exchanges for managing their Shiba Inu portfolios. She cited the example of the now-bankrupted FTX exchange, formerly the second-largest in the industry. This cautionary note underscores the importance of considering alternatives like Shibarium for storing and managing SHIB tokens.

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In a forward-looking move, Lucie extended an invitation to Opensea, a prominent NFT marketplace. She urged Opensea to consider integrating Shibarium into its platform. Such integration would not only expand the reach of Shibarium but also provide a secure and efficient environment for NFT enthusiasts to engage with SHIB tokens.

Shibarium Nears Three Million Transactions

Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 network, Shibarium, is on the cusp of achieving a significant milestone in terms of utility. The network is approaching a total transaction count of three million, currently at over 2.8 million transactions. With just under 200,000 transactions, Shibarium appears poised to reach this milestone in the coming days.

Since its relaunch earlier this year, Shibarium has made notable strides. Currently, it boasts 2,866,236 total transactions, 1,246,500 wallet addresses, and 695,663 total blocks. While it held steady around the 200,000 daily transaction mark for some time, recent data shows a significant drop, with only 40,500 transactions recorded the previous day.

Underutilized Potential

Despite these accomplishments, Shibarium’s network utilization currently stands at a relatively low 3.86%. This figure suggests that Shibarium may currently be underutilizing its potential. In the days following its initial launch, Shibarium underwent parameter adjustments and operational scaling of over 1,500%, enhancing its resilience and capacity for handling increased activity.

As Shibarium approaches the three million transaction milestone, the network’s growth and potential utility in the Shiba Inu ecosystem is becoming increasingly evident.

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