Can Musche (XMU) compete with the amazing successes of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Polkadot (DOT)?


Positioning itself as the DOGE substitute, Musche (XMU)has an ulterior motive to establish itself as the currency of the metaverse that is safe to use both offline and online in the real world.

This agenda to overcome the successful Dogecoin (DOGE)marks Musche (XMU) as a highly ambitious coin; which is a reassuring quality for new-investors who can rely on a project with a strong team behind them to push them to further heights.

Dogecoin’s rise to fame

It’s recognised that Dogecoin’s (DOGE) success story happened overnight. Despite having begun as a joke, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) underwent a phenomenal turn of events much after its launch. More impressively, there are a staggering 130 billion DOGE tokens currently circulating with a market cap valued at $31 billion.

Many of the early investors in Dogecoin (DOGE) received a spectacular return on their investments, after sticking with the project for even as far as 18 months. However, there is still a very dark elephant in the room when it comes to the token. “What is its use case, and how can it serve the customers?” A question that many of us have, yet that still goes unanswered.

Promisingly, the new Token Musche (XMU) plans to benefit from what DOGE token lacks.


Musche (XMU) token has tactfully improved on areas of vagueness within DOGE’s design, and offers unique benefits to investors that other cryptocurrencies are not doing. The Musche branded products plan to fill this void, and provide real-world opportunities when it launches. It will see a Musche swap come into existence, which allows users to swap cryptocurrencies across dozens of different blockchains using Musche. Additionally, it will include the Mushe Wallet that lets users complete seamless exchanges of Mushe tokens into fiat currency. Moreover, it can process thousands of unique transactions each second to offer a faster and more secure experience.

Polkadot’s attractive journey so far

Polkadot (DOT) has witnessed a rise in the number of holders in the past few weeks. By coming up with interesting updates such as the Polkadot Relayers program 2022,  it could potentially spark a Polkadot price rise in the Polkadot coin. The programme will provide plenty of support to the developer community by helping developers and innovators partner together and construct better Web 3 apps.A statement made via Twitter read: “Polkadot Relayers, a program bringing together developers and entrepreneurs, is open for your applications until June 24th! Don’t miss your chance to connect with industry experts, participate in workshops, and pitch to potential supporters.”

Although DOT Token is one of the most used interoperable coins and maintains a reputation which values it as a potentially high-value asset that can be added on the dip for the long term, there is still plenty of space for other coins to exist and offer equally amazing incentives.


Dogecoin peaked our attention largely in 2021, as the memecoin received intense support from Tesla billionaire Elon Musk. Musk’s support undoubtedly helped the meme-based bitcoin rival dogecoin soar to amazing heights over the last few years.

However, alongside bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, dogecoin price crashed dramatically from its 2021 highs. It once reached a market capitalization of almost $90 billion in early May 2021. But since the brutal crypto crash, the dogecoin price has been subjected to a descending price spiral with its market cap falling to under $10 billion.

This leaves a lot of room for new and upcoming coins to steal some of the limelight ie. Musche (XMU). The Musche token has carefully taken into account what the future holds and where the coin can fit into our ever changing developing world. It was built with layer_0 technology making it compatible with any blockchain to provide investors with more options.

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