Collective Finance Unveils Discounted $CLF Pre-sale Event on BNB Smart Chain Ahead of Launch in April

  • Collective Finance has set the minimum pre-sale investment at $50, with special NFTs set for investors who deposit a minimum of $1,000.
  • The $CLF pre-sale event is open for two weeks with a hard cap set at $500k

Collective Finance, a decentralized financial protocol based on Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) that allows users to earn rewards and yield through a multi-mechanism design, has announced the launch of its discounted $CLF pre-sale event. According to the announcement, Collective Finance investors, through the pre-sale event, will acquire $CLF tokens at a 10 percent discounted rate. With a minimum entry set at $50, interested Collective Finance investors can purchase $CLF using top stablecoins, including Circle’s USDC, Tether USDT, and BUSD. 

As an added bonus, $CLF pre-sale investors who deposit a minimum of $1,000 will receive an exclusive CGLD per-sale edition NFT. Notably, there are several benefits of holding the pre-sale NFT, including future utility, a unique NFT holder discord role, and a 20 percent tax reduction within the ecosystem, among others. 

The Collective Finance $CLF pre-sale event is open for two weeks with a hard cap of $500k. As such, interested investors should take the discounted grace period to enter the $CLF ecosystem.

Closer Look at Collective Finance 

Collective Finance has previously raised capital from angel investors and is now preparing for the April full project launch through the pre-sale event. The event began today at noon EST, with the company hosting several crypto enthusiasts, including the CEO of Cryptonairz and Sean Clarke.

Collective Finance has a strong leadership, including co-founders Crypzom-Zachary and Doc-Bryan. Notably, Crypzom-Zachary is a successful business owner with immense knowledge in fundraising and operations management. 

In a statement, Crypzom-Zachary noted that decentralized finance (DeFi) has huge potential to disrupt global markets through tokenized utility tokens. Moreover, the traditional financial system has locked out many investors with siloed technology that has proved expensive for mass adoption.

 “Despite massive growth over the last few years, DeFi still trails traditional finance in many respects. In traditional finance, participants can hold and gain exposure to commodities such as gold, silver, and oil, but there are heavy restrictions, high fees, and limited ways to generate additional passive revenue from such investments. Collective Finance is here to deliver on that front by launching C-Tokens, which represent tradable, asset-backed, over-collateralized commodities with direct yield-earning potential,” he said.

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Crypzom-Zachary added that Collective Finance could help get the ball rolling by providing widespread access and inclusion to the company’s suite of products and services and the robust DeFi tools. As such, the company aims to open multi-layered, yield-generating opportunities and provide exposure to digitized commodity representations to as many people as possible.

Co-founder Doc-Bryan noted that the $CLF pre-sale is part of Collective Finance’s roadmap to mainstream DeFi adoption.

“Our presale is just the first step in bringing our highly performant DeFi tools to the masses. The primary use case for all of our platform’s C-TOKENS is to provide a liquidity solution for commodities in decentralized finance since obtaining consistent and reliable exposure to commodities in DeFi is virtually non-existent. With access to the right liquidity pools, product portfolios, and crypto-based representations of real-world commodities, the sky’s the limit, and we’re excited about the next phase of our project. Collective Finance is bridging important gaps between DeFi and Trad-Fi one giant leap at a time,” Doc-Bryan said.

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The Roadmap

The Collective Finance protocol has numerous commodity representations outlined in the project roadmap. However, the first commodity to be launched will tap into the gold by acquiring PAXG tokens on the Ethereum network. This will then be followed by the issuance of $CGLD on the Binance Smart Chain. Notably, $CGLD will be over-collateralized at a rate of 105-110 percent at all times with PAXG while retaining its peg to the price of 1 gram of gold.

With the company’s marketing team set up already, the next stage after the pre-sale event is the deployment and development part. This includes integrating the ETF-style multi-asset pool on the Vertek DEX.

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