Concerto programme — 68. Rise and Shine Maestros, | by Beethoven x | May, 2023


Rise and Shine Maestros,

Welcome to another beautiful week at BEETS. Funkadelically FRESH and always insightful, let’s dive into the weekly Concerto Programme.

The Boosted revolution has begun and with it, BEETS users can harness the most optimized liquidity pools in DeFi!

Boosted Pools V2 offers users optimized capital efficiency opportunities all from the comfort of a single LP. Connected to Reaper Farm multi-strategy vaults, Boosted Pools now automatically scour the ecosystem for the most efficient strategies to optimize yield. BOOST!

TVL is steadily increasing across the core pools and with it the portion of yield-bearing assets deposited into yield-generating markets. Over the coming weeks, the Music Directors will strategically incentivize core pools to bootstrap liquidity and ignite a flywheel.

Check out Steady BEETS Act IV.

Tech diddy tech!

A quick update from the tech team on what they have been working on recently.

With collaborative work thickening at Balancer, a lot of work has gone goes into the joint backend development. The plan for this is to be live by the end of the month — just in time for the arrival of veBAL boosts on OP.

With that in mind, a ton of work also has gone into preparing the UI migration flow for when the new gauges with veBAL boosts arrive. In addition, The Devs have been prepping the front and backend to support concentrated liquidity from the new gyroscope pools — pretty exciting stuff!

As always general improvements and bug fixes are always underway as the Devs strive to create the best experience for ye dear Ludwigs as possible.

A whole bunch of madness! Did you catch the latest Community Town Hall?

On the Agenda this month were:

  • April’s Performance Report
  • Balancer SP Update
  • Boosted Pool
  • Guide Tones introduce themselves
  • Community Q & A

Maestros, The “Awakened” status has been achieved.

Fully boosted, the first cohort of maBEETs relics have reached maximum maturity! The total number of Relics now sits at 3,232 with about 47% at full capacity.

It’s been a journey, but like anything worth pursuing, it was well worth the wait!

BEETS are back at it again!! Another wave of the bi-weekly Gauge Vote has been completed and the votes are in.

Emission updates for pools will be implemented this Wednesday and the final results for Round 36 can be found in the Tweet below.

The BEETS data series is running strong. Light work and easy reading these little gems are meant to keep you up to date with the most essential performance metrics at Beethoven X.

Stay tuned for the latest episode later this week but in the meantime jump into #6.

The sun is shining Ludwigs, the weather is sweet and we hope everyone out there is grooving to the BEETS.

With the recent collaborations developing further with Balancer, it has been super busy. We’re learning, we’re growing but most importantly we’re having fun doing what we love.

The future looks bright and we’re stoked to have you all here with us.

Have an awesome week and we’ll catch you all soon!

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