Concerto Programme — Week 21. Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs, | by Beethoven x | May, 2022


Another week begins after the dust has settled. After a long night, the sun gently heats the surface of our land and the mist hangs soft in the air. Much like the beautiful piece: The Fog is Lifting by Carl Nielsen.

This week, started off with the Symphony of the Week. Which focused on looking into the Oath of Honor Pool. Read more here.

Tuesday was the Fireside Chat where Daniel, Souvlaki and Mr. Kind caught up with the community and answered questions from the audience. You can listen to the recording here.

It is also the first week with the Lotus Room live and with the Social Science Lab opening up on our Discord.

The Lotus Room is a space to chill out and be human during stressful times (humans, bulls and bears are welcome). The Social Science Lab is part of our commitment to provide science backed insights into the underlying dynamics of community-building, fostering connectedness, and trust in an anonymous space.

This week we are ramping up to launching on Optimism, meaning that the Devs are stretched from front to back creating a great Beethoven X-perience on Optimism (See what we did there ;). Building a new and inspiring front-end and a great v2 to support it.

Copywriters are busying themselves with writing, delaying proof reading to the last minute. Medium posts, twitter threads, kind and humble (read: savage) tweets about Sushi and Uni. All part of the game.

The Biz Dev crew might be talking to Synthetic Badgers and other Aavefully wonderful animals and protocols. The work of building up new relationships, expanding existing ones is a big task and something that started a while ago. Meeting new people and relationships allows us to streamline documentation and build better and stronger processes around biz dev.

Finance is working on pool launches on Optimism and also working on a very special gift to you, Ludwigs. New release of _____ is coming this week. Stay tuned.

Besides all the fun and games, the optimistic road trip and the expansion of our music, we are all in good shape. The team is healthy and happy, even after a couple of intense weeks. We have spent time reflecting, talking, learning, caring for each other, and we are fit!

A fit band of undead composers and Ludwigs, soon going on a road trip with friends.

See you all on Discord!

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