Crypto Thought Leaders & Influencers Launch the First-of-Its-Kind Multichain Launchpad VLaunch

  • VLaunch launched on December 15, 2021
  • Spearheaded by MMCrypto and CryptoMo, it will open lots of fundraising opportunities
  • Its VPAD token has been listed on Singapore-based crypto exchange Phemex.

VLaunch, the first fully influencer-backed multichain launchpad, debuted on December 15th. Spearheaded by leading crypto influencers MMCrypto and CryptoMo, the VLaunch launchpad is designed to help new and upcoming projects leverage the power of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to expand their reach, thus opening a multitude of fundraising opportunities. 

As part of the launch, the VLaunch team also rolled out the VPAD token on Singapore-based crypto exchange Phemex. According to the latest data from Uniswap, the USDT/VPAD token pair was among the top five pairs by trading volume on December 23rd. The community has embraced the project with open arms, helping the VPAD token reach $6,000,000 worth of trading volume. Within the first six hours of its listing. The VLaunch team also released a video confirming that they are offering $200,000 worth of free giveaways as part of this IDO allocation.

The VLaunch launchpad currently supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Fantom blockchains. As the platform progresses through its roadmap, the development team plans to add support for Cardano, Solana, and Elrond during the next phase. The influencer-led platform has attracted significant mainstream attention with built-in trading suites, live swaps, and staking services. The VLaunch Telegram community has crossed over 200,000 members since the launchpad went live on the mainnet.

Harnessing the Cumulative Power of Crypto Influencers 

Both CryptoMo and MMCrypto are among the leading crypto influencers, sharing over 600,000 active followers between them. The duo realized that the crypto ecosystem is growing exponentially, yet most of the projects don’t get enough reach on social platforms. This led to the idea of VLaunch, a fully influencer-backed launchpad for promising blockchain projects.

The underlying concept behind VLaunch is to provide the infrastructure that will allow influencers to leverage their collective audiences to assist up-and-coming cryptocurrency projects in gaining more mainstream attention. Thus, in contrast to most launchpads, which prefer to create hype around cash-strapped projects, VLaunch seeks to democratize the early-investor process for promising new projects by eliminating any form of discrimination.

The VLaunch platform will bring together more than 200 influencers from different social media platforms to enable new blockchain projects to leverage the unique user communities that each influencer has built. The founding members have already accelerated the process of adding new influencers. Meanwhile, MDX Crypto (83,000+ subscribers), Bolsa Para Principantes (167,000+ subscribers), That Martini Guy (117,000+ subscribers), Crypto Busy (205,000+ subscribers), Altcoin Buzz (335,000+ subscribers), and Daniel Mihal (60k+ subscribers) are among the most popular influencers to have already joined the platform.

Two projects have already been listed on the VLaunch platform following the launch, including Rainmaker Games, a free P2E gaming platform, and Coinweb, a promising cross-chain computation platform.

VLaunch intends to use a bundle of fiat-pegged stable coins that will be algorithmically stabilized via its reserve cryptocurrencies (VPAD) to enable programmable transactions and foster an open financial system. The project is one of the most-hyped projects across social platforms and has also received additional backing from prominent hedge funds, including Brilliance Ventures, Skynet, Metavest Capital, and several others.

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