Cryptopolitan joins Newstex’s 5000-strong distribution channel


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Cryptopolitan joins Newstex, which currently has over 5,000 partners.
  • The partnership enables Newstex to curate and feed content from Cryptopolitan to information databases and marketplaces.
  • Cryptopolitan can help spread blockchain adoption to new audiences. 

Leading content syndication and distribution service, Newstex has recognized and invited Cryptopolitan to join its network of publishers and distribution partners. Upon the agreement, Newstex will be licensed to curate and distribute high-quality content and commentary from Cryptopoloitan for individuals and professionals looking to stay informed on the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Newstex connects publishers with professional audiences

Since Newstex’s inception in 2004, it has become one of the leading high-quality content distribution channels that expose and connect publishers with professional audiences globally. Presently, Newstex curates more than one million unique articles every month from over 5,000 credible publishers or distribution partners, including LexisNexis, ProQuest, Refinitiv, and many others.

By joining the Newstex’s network, Cryptopolitan is opportune to extend more insightful, informational, and real-time content on cryptocurrency and blockchain, usable in a professional setting and different industries, such as cybersecurity, personal finance, venture capital, etc. Contributing to Newstex potentially exposes us to new global audiences while abiding by our integrity and purpose.

Cryptopolitan needs to work with link-minded knowledge advocates; hence, the reason we are excited to forge a distribution partnership with Newstex. Our advocacy of neutrality and transparency has guided our journalists to abide by the “without-fear-or-favor” ethics, which were initially exhibited and maintained by the founders, who were professional content marketers. 

Newstex and Google News take opposite sides

Newstex are huge believers in the power of news, blogs, and commentary as part of information products and services to help organizations work smarter. Google News is useful for many people, but as a stand alone Web page, Google News is very different from valuable information services that integrate newsfeeds into the applications and services people use everyday in their work.


One recalls the fascinating legal case that has far-reaching implications for the future of the news as business, French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) is suing Google Inc. for the way that Google News displays AFP stories and photos.

The partnership is considered mutually beneficial for both parties. Cryptopolitan gets to leverage Newstex’s channel to spread more crypto awareness and attract a new global audience; it licenses Newstex to curate and distributes these contents to information databases and content marketplaces around the world. 

Finding the heart of the matter has always been a challenge. While remaining objective and not passing any judgments, our writers must rise to the challenge to present news with fresh discoveries and lessons learned.

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