DA WEEKLY DATA DROP — #4. Bust a move and get your groove on. | by Beethoven x | Apr, 2023


Bust a move and get your groove on.

It’s time to get down with da weekly BEETS da-da-da-data!

🔵 On FTM, TVL is $41.378 million.

🔴 On OP, TVL is $52.608 million.

🔵 On Fantom, Volume totalled $12,769,817

🔴 On Optimism, Volume totalled $8,181,293

During the past week, Liquidity Providers have earned $32.06K in swap fees (down 53.7%) and $14.37K in BEETS incentives across both Fantom and Optimism

Pools on the right are ordered from highest to lowest in terms of swap fees generated.

On Fantom, the A Late Quartet(wBTC/wETH/FTM/USDC) has generated 30.9% of the weekly swap fees totalling $8,038.

Once again, on OP, the Boned Oath Token pool has pulled in the most swap fees for liquidity providers, generating a total of $1,817 for the week.

This drop in protocol fees has meant that our Protocol Fee to BEETS ratio is currently sitting at 0.69.

Bear in mind, this metric does not include IB fees which are our highest revenue source on Optimism.

So, where does all protocol revenue flow?

Two directions.

  1. Gauge Bounties
  2. Treasury

A portion of all Beethoven X protocol fees flows back to our #maBEETS holders as Gauge Bounties on Fantom.

In the upcoming gauge vote, over 144,000 $BEETS will be offered as BEETS bounties.

On Fantom, the DAO currently hold $2.31 million in the Treasury wallet.

65.96% of this is actively farming in LP positions.

  • Steady Beets (USDC/DAI) on Beethoven X — $339,203
  • A Late Quartet (BTC/ETH/FTM/USDC) on LiquidDriver — $291,628

The majority of assets held on the Optimism treasury wallet is the remaining OP grant ($912,431). This OP grant is continuously paired with a portion of generated protocol fees to incentivise LPs on Beethoven X.

Besides the OP, over $442k is actively deployed in LP positions.

  • Optimistic Steady Beets (USDC/DAI/USDT) on Beethoven X — $84,210
  • Here comes the Sonne (USDC/DAI/USDT) on Beethoven X — $15,809
  • veBAL on Balancer — $39,604
  • auraBAL in the auraBAL autocompounder on Aura Finance — $32,030

This brings the Treasury’s total holdings to over $3,888,650.00 (Down -6.74% since last week)

( $2,437,167.00 not including BEETS and OP tokens)

Beetin’ and Bustin’

Did you groove to the data?

Until next week, you can keep up to date / interact in real-time with the two analytic platforms below:

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