DeFi Land Public Testing — What you need to know


Dear DeFi Land Community,

Before we get into the amazing and exciting update that we are bringing you today, let’s do a quick recap of what we were up to recently.

The past few weeks have been amazing for us. We had the privilege to release DFL Token, which is now available for trading on platforms such as FTX, and Raydium with many more to come shortly. DFL will be the utility token in our game as well as used for various features that will be announced soon.

We have also integrated Audius and Jupiter, and your feedback was amazing! Because of your reaction, we will be working on more integration soon to keep everything more exciting and fun.

One thing that we are thrilled to be working on is the DFL single-sided staking, which will be available in the coming weeks. We know how much all of you want to be staking DFL, and we are working very hard to ensure we create a good staking mechanism, which will be finished and ready to go very soon. We decided not to go with the existing open-source solutions and bring an adjustable staking period option with 2 different reward types. Stay tuned for more information coming. Holders turning into Stakers!

The next week, we are also making our detailed docs/whitepaper available, with very detailed information and providing you with our plans.

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