DeNet Partnership with GameSol


DeNet Partnership with GameSol, providing GameSol with a Web3 life-needed infrastructure — decentralized storage along with secure, permanent, and fast access to it. 

DeNet greets GameSol — a virtual universe ahead of time where humans and robots interact. The game features a space tour of humankind and their existence on distant planets with all good and evil. GameSol is an online multi-player, p2p, & p2e Robo war metaverse game on Solana. As Denet announced its partnership with GameSol.

The Partnership

DeNet and Gamesol are collaborating to embrace all features of DeNet Ecosystem. They`re ready to provide GameSol with a Web3 life-needed infrastructure. Decentralized storage along with secure, permanent, and fast access to it. GameSol will store its NFTs and project`s data using DeNet Ecosystem. To provide in-game access to NFTs they will also use DeNet technology and thus will benefit from the Open Economy 3.0 .

Potentially Gamesol is going to be added to the DeNet Desk where the project will join plenty of GameFi, DeFi, and other dApps! DeNet Desk is the DeNet ecosystem’s desktop, which allows the user to continually stay within user-friendly Web 3.0 interface while safely moving between different dApps, including convenient and profitable DeNet Storage for users’ files and NFTs.


About GameSol

GameSol is an online multi-player, p2p, & p2e Robo war metaverse game on Solana chain, managed by $GSL as its utility token.

The game assets can be purchased as NFTs and utilized throughout the game. The NFTs include Robots, Powers, Maps, and other game assets.

Robomania prototype game version is already developed and released; it’s available on Android and Web. They have already started developing it on iOS also. Users will have the ability to play on their desired devices or the web.

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About DeNet

DeNet is a multichain ecosystem based on decentralized storage for the intersection of Web 3.0 and the DeFi economy.

DeNet creates a beneficial ecosystem for all its participants on the ground of data storage and management according to the Open Economy 3.0 concept. Bringing together applications from different blockchains and increasing the availability of Web 3.0 services for users, DeNet Desk already gives access to a lot of applications aimed at storing data in DeNet.

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