Developing faster and cheaper: How Ternoa brings mass adoption of utility NFTs


In 2021, NFTs experienced a boom in the public eye as a new way to collect digital art. In 2022, they are no longer just the cultural assets that make headlines for breaking auction records. NFTs of today (and the future) incorporate utility to be used for building the next generation of decentralized applications and Web3 NFT-based projects. 

Challenges blockchain developers face 

Developers working to create utilitarian NFTs still operate in a fairly unknown space. When trying to create new properties with NFTs, they face many challenges. The need to learn a new language, high infrastructure costs, and access to information in a fairly new industry may hinder the development of new projects. These challenges are particularly prominent for NFT utility-based projects, as most blockchain rely upon complex smart contracts to build standalone use cases.

How Ternoa helps developers code faster and cheaper 

Ternoa is a decentralized open-source layer 1 solution that provides a technological stack to build secure and scalable utility NFTs by giving developers access to independent infrastructure, nodes, developers’ community, and funding. The project just launched their Mainnet which serves as a final ready-to-use version of the product. 

With Mainnet, Ternoa released multiple core features to cater their multi-chain NFT network to the needs of the developers community. To begin with, Ternoa completed Core Mainnet deployment, ensuring successful implementation of the native CAPs, nodes, and governance, soon followed by the release of the dev-friendly features needed to create the next big NFT dapp.

Now, blockchain developers can save time and program faster, leveraging Ternoa’s highly secure, scalable, Metaverse-ready infrastructure. They can experiment concepts in no time thanks to a JS SDK, allowing them to build upon utility NFTs with low effort.

Building an ecosystem

By making next generation NFTs easy to implement and natively available on their blockchain, Ternoa is poised to disrupt the NFT economy. A lot of effort has been put towards gathering a community of builders. As a result, first dapps started developing early on and will go live on Mainnet as more and more NFT features are added in the next couple of months. 

If you want to learn more about this fast-growing project, join their Discord, and attend Ternoa CEO Mickael Canu’s keynote at NFT.NYC 2022 for big announcements. 

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