EFUN Tech Partnership with De-Fighter


EFUN Tech Partnership with De-Fighter — both have a vision of creating a stronger community for everyone involved in the blockchain space.

De-Fighter is a skill-based Fight-to-Earn game that evokes the nostalgia of the arcading classics like Street Fighter, Tekken, or Mortal Kombat, whilst delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their skills. Players can purchase NFT sprites, all of which have unique traits and abilities, these NFT sprites can then be used to fight other players in multiple PvP game modes. And now announcing EFUN Tech Partnership with De-Fighter.

The Fight-to-Earn model will be based on a staking method, in which a player can purchase $DFC through available DEX and CEX platforms, and stake to earn a relative amount of fights per 24-hour period, this will be adorned by a 3 tier system. Furthermore, the winner of the fight will receive $DFC as a reward, a relative percentage of the cumulative amount staked.

De-Fighter will also host tournaments with the ability for players to enter an elimination event with large winners prizes. Fight-for-Fun mode enables players to play without limitation for XP points. Moreover, one of De-Fighter biggest draw-cards is their unique cross-token integration for other communities to have Custom NFT fighters and rewards pools integrated into their platform.

The Partnership

Both EFUN and DE-FIGHTER have a vision of creating a stronger community for everyone involved in the blockchain space. This partnership will allow users of the DE-FIGHTER platform to make predictions on the outcomes of events with EFUN’s prediction protocols. This will add another layer of functionality to the DE-FIGHTER platform and make it even more useful for its users.

The goal of this partnership is to improve their project development and make several cooperation plans in order to do so. With this partnership, EFUN and DE-FIGHTER will be doing a cross-marketing campaign to help both communities grow. They also plan on hosting events that benefit both communities as well as sharing information and support between projects.


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