Ertha Metaverse hits $5.4M in Funding Round, Launches IDO on Seedify

  • Ertha reaches $5.4 million investment amount.
  • The company lists out its new investors.
  • Launches IDO on RedKite, GameFi, and Seedify.

The renowned metaverse and Play-to-Earn project, Ertha Metaverse, earns a record-breaking investment of $5.4 million. Ertha has been marked as a leading player in both the blockchain and gaming industry, providing both coin and NFT games. Furthermore, the company has announced its list of significant investors.

In detail, lead investors include LD Capital, Polygon Syndicate, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Shima Capital, GD10, Genblock Capital, Momentum 6, X21, Dialectic, AU21, Zen Capital, Terranova, and many other companies.

Partners of the above investors are also very happy to hold hands with Ertha. Xi Li, one of the partners of LD Capital, said that they had no hesitation in investing in Ertha in the initial process of discussion with the Ertha team.

Xi Li further explained:

The company has earned its name in the crypto and gaming industries. Although Covid pandemic has pulled down the economy of many companies, we believed Ertha could gain adoption from traditional game players, so as to start a new wave of Play-to-Earn projects.

Now, Ertha has raised a $5.4 million investment and newly launched IDOs on blockchain gaming like Seedify, RedKite, and GameFi. The company is also strongly developing its NFT land sales, with 7,500 revenue land plots already sold out.  

Social media platforms of the company are becoming popular, with Twitter having the highest number of followers, whereas Discord reached around 50,000 followers.

The growth of Ertha starts from a period when mankind was at the tip of extinction. Leaders all over the world met no solutions in saving Earth, and natural disasters devastated our planet extremely.

From this point, players can use the opportunity to erase the wrongdoings of our past with right doings and build a new world from the base. They can extract resources, plan accordingly to develop lands, re-structure economies and then reform countries and governments. Whatever actions the players do have long-lasting impacts within a metaverse. Ertha’s gameplay is an intricate and sophisticated play space ready for building new economies, governments, and countries. The metaverse has 350,000 land plots, each plot has fees, taxes, and other kinds of revenue when a transaction occurs. Players must learn to equate production, trading, and financial budgets, so as to stay ahead of the competition.

Play-to-Earn works on the basis of connection to NFTs like HEXs.  Each HEX gives players full control over their land in Metaverse. Ertha has the unique feature of the real environment, which is accessible for players to drive the economy. Whatever actions the players perform during peace or conflict; let it be environmental or political, can create a great change and lasting consequences.

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