Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2022-2030


Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies that still has maintained its place among the top altcoins as it has reached a market cap of over $6 billion and trades on all major exchanges. The popularity of the coin has piqued the interest of investors, and therefore, many people look for the accurate Ethereum Classic price prediction. Although, some associate Ethereum Classic with risks.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2022 past perfomance by Coinmarketcap

The live Ethereum Classic price prediction current price is $20.23 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $17,524,940,956. Ethereum Classic is down 2.29% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #35, with a live market cap of $2,802,028,231. It has a circulating supply of 134,745,001.08 ETC coins and a max. supply of 210,700,000 ETC coins.

Ethereum Classic growing bulk – an interesting development

Ethereum Classic follows Bitcoin in gains as it has accumulated 0.78% gains over the last 24 hours of 7 March 2022. However, Ethereum Classic compared to Ethereum has a lower value. The seven-day performance shows that ETC shed 11.66%. The current price for Ethereum Classic is estimated to be $26.65.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2022-2030 2

Ethereum Classic price forecast Source: TradingView

Ethereum Classic saw a 150% rise in its trading volume over the last 7-days. A movement that was in sync with the increasing current circulating supply of the coin, which flew upwards by 2.56%.Thereby, resulting into the circulating supply crossing the 134.7 million mark.Currently, the live market capitalization stands at $2.89 billion, with a ranking of #32.

If we take a peek at the market cap of Ethereum Classic, it is estimated to be $3,555,272,274. The 24-hour trading volume shows hope for this coin as activity has grown. Its value has grown to $389,907,192.The circulating supply of this coin remained 133,400,747 ETC.

ETC was created due to a split in the developer and user community, just like with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Ethereum Classic is one of those coins that remain in the market even after several other coins cease to exist. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have Ethereum Classic price prediction and know what benefits it may give you.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic coin was created in July of 2016 as a result of a split in the Ethereum community after the original blockchain got hacked. Fundamentally, the two blockchains – Ethereum and Ethereum Classic were similar at first. The history of this crypto is definitely valuable.

However, over time, differences arose as the Ethereum classic network community wanted to keep the blockchain running on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and secure blockchain immutability. The Ethereum community wanted to develop it into a much advanced, proof-of-stake-based digital currency.

There weren’t many people who understood the concept of division in the initial stages, and the Ethereum Classic prediction remained at a lower level. The hard fork coin is more of a protocol rather than being a store of value like gold. Ethereum Classic‘s current market status is being compared to gold, despite the overal cypto market facing a broad sell off in the past one week.

Ethereum Classic Predictions Overview 

Ethereum classic price prediction

Ethereum Classic Overview

Coin Symbol Price Marketcap Change Last 24h Supply Volume (24h)
ETC $ 20.86 $ 2.81 B 17.33% 134.74 M $ 1.72 B

Ethereum classic price prediction & Ethereum classic price today

Ethereum Classic Network & Signals The Functioning of Ethereum Classic

As with Ethereum, the Ethereum classic uses a Touring-complete virtual machine called Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to execute scripts and connect its nodes.

Halving Events

Ethereum Classic’s total supply is hard-capped at 210,700,000 ETC as of December 2017. Similar to Bitcoin having reward halving, Ethereum classic reduces its block reward by 20 percent every 5,000,000 blocks.  At every halving event, it is necessary to update the Ethereum Classic prediction. This is applicable to every cryptocurrency out there.

Ethereum Classic works on the Proof-of-Work protocol and has great potential owing to the Nakamoto Consensus mechanism. Recently, Ethereum Classic had reduced the block reward for mining each block from 4 ETC to 3.2 ETC. The Ethereum Classic prediction became more optimistic due to the halving event as the coins left to mine lowered down. Therefore, Ethereum Classic price has become more similar to Bitcoin’s price in some aspects than its original source – Ethereum. People have always compared Ethereum Classic price and functionality to that of Ethereum, the latter winning every time.

Today, we can see that the Ethereum Classic price rise has slowed down and the coin even fell behind the original Ethereum, which the Ethereum Foundation runs. Ethereum trades with a much larger market capitalization and has gained much larger popularity. However, Ethereum Classic is still trendy and can be purchased on practically every cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, let us have a look at the Ethereum Classic price prediction.

Developments affecting the price

Digital assets manager, Grayscale Investments recently announced that its Ethereum Classic Trust is now an SEC reporting company. With this move, ETC joins the list of investment vehicles from the world’s largest digital asset manager. A list that also includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Digital Large Cap Fund. The functionality differences increase over time, creating large price and capitalization size differences. However, the Ethereum classic is still one of the good coins to diversify your cryptocurrency market investment portfolio and avoid high risk.

In the last 48-hours sometime in May 2021 Ethereum Classic has registered a new all-time high as it moved past the $175 mark to settle at around $197. On looking at its price movement in the last few days, Ethereum Classic appears to have outdone most of the top crypto coins. This bullish momentum has seen the crypto asset safeguard a spot for itself among the top 15 most significant cryptocurrencies in the market.

What could be the secret for a cryptocurrency trading at $35 in late April to $110 on 5 May? Well, the secret is the sudden market interest in Ethereum, Ethereum Classic pricier sibling, and social media attention. At the moment, amateur investors are confusing Ethereum with Ethereum Classic hence the sudden uptrend. Others prefer the crypto coin due to its inexpensive cost compared to its costly sibling. Could this happen again?

Should you invest in Ethereum Classic?

When comparing Ethereum blockchain vs. Ethereum classic blockchain, the difference can’t be clearer. We can see that Ethereum has performed substantially better as compared to Ethereum Classic price over the past years. Price as a well-performing factor is what fuels its increased usage among users, pushing vendors and service providers to widen their accepted deposit methods and add Ethereum as well. For example, price predictions show that it will equate and even overseed the usage of Bitcoin in iGaming deals. Should you sell Ethereum Classic and buy Ethereum instead?

Ethereum Classic Coin price prediction

Ethereum Classic has also been in shambles as the expectations regarding Bitcoin’s rise to $100K have turned to fears of stability at $40K. As previously, the growth of Bitcoin was expected to bring stability to other coins, including the Ethereum Classic, but it didn’t happen. As a result of this change, there has been a continuous decline seen in the case of many coins.

Despite the ongoing difficulties for the market, there are chances of the revival of the market. If you buy the dip, there are chances that you might feel fortunate to have bought Ethereum Classic. As Bitcoin makes further gains, there are chances that the Ethereum Classic might also cross $50. The rise of this currency depends on a rally and stability in the value.

If we look at the forecast given by Wallet Investor, it shows that the Ethereum Classic price might reach $177.290 in the coming five years.

ETC Price Comparison for Recent Days

If we analyze its performance for the past week, it shows that Ethereum Classic has fluctuated from $30 to lower values. The reason for this fluctuation is the ongoing situation of market instability due to geopolitical crises. Ethereum classic price has shed more than $4 in a single week, which shows how it has been through hard times. As the market continues to be bearish, there are chances that Ethereum Classic price might not be able to get the desired gains.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2022-2030 3

Ethereum classic current market status Source: 

Ethereum Classic Technical Analysis

A glance at the ETH/USDT comparison shows that the volume of ETC is 259.187K. There has been a push from investors, but there has been little improvement because of the deterioration of the political situation.

Historical Price Analysis

Different ETC/USDT (Ethereum Classic/US Dollar) price forecasts show a reduction in the expected price for the upcoming twelve months. The range for its rise is $180, which is much lower than expected as previously there were predictions of its rise to $400. These forecasts haven’t been fulfilled, and a substantial change has occurred in the threshold points.

Despite the ongoing bearishness, ETC price can improve if Bitcoin improves, so there are chances that it will return investment in a much better value. As seen in the closing days of February, there was a growing rally towards Ethereum Classic, so there are chances that it might happen again in the coming days are months.

As per the latest updates, the circulating supply of Ethereum is estimated to be 133,382,162.14 ETC, which is 63% of the total, showing the prospects of bullishness.

Ethereum Classic Prediction 2022 Technical Analysis

As seen from the above data, the market’s prosperity depends upon the Bitcoin price enhancement. There has been a continuous decrease seen in the value of ETC during the 24 hours and seven days. Despite the reduction in value, there are chances that it will cross $100 if the situation stabilizes in the coming months.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2022-2030

Though Ethereum Classic remained bullish in the starting days of 2022, it has slowed down growth as seen on our price analysis. The results have been no good for its price as it has lowered with the continuous decrease. In contrast to it, the expectations of reaching above $500 or more are no more expected as per the latest market updates. In contrast, it shows that the high gains for it might reach $100, which will set a new milestone.

There is no denying that the coin price forecast can be lower than the actual maximum price rise; as well as a lower bar for the minimum price. The main factor determining these changes is the emergent bulls and bears, which will decide its direction. The forecast by Wallet Investor tells that it might reach $177.290 in the coming five years.  

If we consider the price prediction given by Wallet Investor, the ETC value is expected to reach $57.458 in one year.

In contrast, one Predicts that its value will reach $34.96 in one year, while they predict it to reach $77.19 by the close of 2028. The graph for Ethereum Classic forecasts a gain of 550% in the coming five years.

ETC price prediction by Trading Beasts is bullish for 2025 as in the past years from 2022 with a progressive 3% increase YOY

ETC price might rise to $89.65 in 2028, taking the maximum possible price to $124 in 2030, according to

Cryptopolitan Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for 2022

The start of the Ethereum Classic at the start of 2022 was bearish. The only difference was that of slight bullishness for short-lasting periods. The prediction for the remaining months of 2022 tells of a growing trend of bullishness. It will reach $33.558 in July 2022 as its maximum price. The later few months will again see bearishness as its price will reduce by 11.16% in December.

Cryptopolitan Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for 2023

2023 is expected to start on a bearish note and might continue until May 2023 as per the given prediction. January 2023 will show bearishness, and its maximum price might reduce to $27.174. The bearishness might come to an end in June 2023, when the gains will turn to +0.95%.

The closing month of 2023 for Ethereum Classic will bring gains of 36.46%, and the maximum price might reach $44.505.

Cryptopolitan Ethereum Classic Price Prognosis for 2024

2024 is expected to be bringing positive gains for this currency. January 2024 might start with a gain of 41.51%, and the maximum price might reach $46.151. May 2024 might take the further price high as it might gain 59.36%, its maximum price reaching $51.971.

December 2024 might be a month of another high for Ethereum Classic, as its maximum price is expected to reach $60.519. The gains for this month will amount to 85.57%.

Cryptopolitan Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for 2025

January 2025 might also be bullish for Ethereum Classic as its value might reach $61.618 in January 2025. The gains for this month might be even greater than December 2024 and are about 88.94%.  

December 2025 is expected to be more productive because of the new possible reforms in its blockchain that will add further value to Ethereum Classic. The gains for this month are about 120.38%, and the price might reach $71.872. So, the price might be tripled compared to that of the current price.  

Cryptopolitan Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for 2026

As the gains saw a significant increase in the years 2022-2026 tell of a continuous bullishness, there are chances that the price of the Ethereum hard fork might soar further. The expected gains might bring its price value to $80. There is a possibility of even more growth if the market remains favorable and if the Berlin hard fork will stay competitive.

Cryptopolitan Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for 2028-2030

According to the expert prediction, 2028 first half might see the rise of Ethereum Classic to $89.65. The coming years will also be bullish, taking the maximum possible price to $124 in 2030. The bullishness of this coin shows that it has greater prospects, and the investment might be productive for the investors. 


As always, this investment advice depends on your personal risk tolerance and the ability to capture the opportunity at the right prices. We believe that in accordance with our Ethereum Classic price prediction, it will yield good returns over the following years. However, the market leaders – Bitcoin and Ethereum — will likely outperform Ethereum Classic price-wise.

While trading or investing in Ethereum Classic, read our price prediction articles on other great altcoins such as Monero and Bitcoin Gold. To learn more, see our investing in Cryptocurrencies step-by-step guide.Also remember to follow closely any upgrade news or software improvements on the ETC original blockchain.

FAQs about Ethereum Classic

How is Ethereum Classic better than Ethereum?

Applications on Ethereum Classic have been operating uninterrupted for a year longer than on Ethereum™, making ETC the longest-running and most reliable Smart Contract Platform. More importantly, Ethereum Classic has never and will never stop or interfere with Smart Contracts deployed to it, as unstoppability is what makes blockchains useful and valuable.

Unlike Ethereum™, on Classic, Code is Law. This means that “applications run exactly as programmed without downtime, censorship or third-party interference”. Ethereum Classic has evolved its ability to deliver on this promise by maxing out the characteristics that yield decentralization, unstoppability, and censorship resistance against strong external forces. It is the only major Smart Contract Platform that has proven its ability to uphold this promise.

How to buy Ethereum Classic

  • Acquire a wallet for holding ETC
  • Locate your ETC Address 
  • Identify a suitable exchange for trading ETC
  • Transfer the funds into your wallet

Cryptocurrency market pairs are available against stablecoins, other cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies, while derivatives and institutional investment vehicles also exist. Exchanges that let you buy Ethereum Classic include Binance, OKEx, and Huobi Global. Learn more details here.

How is Ethereum™ different from Ethereum Classic?

ETC’s younger, albeit weightier sibling, Ethereum™, a project that once shared the same principles, after only a year, had split away, rebooting a new chain with new rules, going down a new path, and explicitly disavowing Code is Law. To understand what happened, we must now reflect on Ethereum Classic’s shared history with Ethereum™ and revisit the incident that led to ETC’s genesis.

Unlike Ethereum, Ethereum Classic has no plans to convert to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining algorithm, while multiple developers continue to work on future improvements such as scaling solutions. Consider to conduct more research on this and others when investing in complex instruments in the cryptocurrency market.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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