Ex World Economic Forum exec named CEO of Crypto Council for Innovation


Crypto expert, and ex World Economic Forum executive Sheila Warren, is to take the helm at the Crypto Council for Innovation and drive the “transformational promise of crypto”.

Mentioning the WEF and the CCI in one breath seems rather odd. The World Economic Forum has not made many friends in crypto circles with its now infamous quote from its chairman Klaus Schwab, “You will own nothing, and be happy”.

However, just because Warren worked at the forum, it does not mean that she shares the views of its founder. Her stint at the WEF was as head of data, blockchain, and digital assets, and she was the founder of the forum’s blockchain and distributed ledger technology platform.

In a press release earlier today, the Crypto Council for Innovation published an article on acquiring Warren as its new CEO. Fred Ehrsam, a CCI board member, and co-founder of Paradigm said:

“Sheila’s reputation as a strong and collaborative leader, in-depth knowledge of crypto, and extensive experience interfacing with governments worldwide make her an ideal ambassador for bridging the crypto and policy worlds. We are excited for the organization’s next chapter under her leadership, demonstrating and communicating the transformational benefits of crypto to policymakers, regulators, and people around the globe.”

Warren is excited for her new role, and she was quoted as saying:

“The crypto ecosystem is poised to deliver large-scale economic growth, empower communities, and improve lives all over the world. I am excited to drive CCI’s mission of realizing the transformative potential of crypto through education and advocacy for a responsible, forward-thinking global policy environment that will ensure that crypto’s benefits are accessible to all people, regardless of their current economic privilege.”

The new CEO began her career as a Wall Street attorney, and was a senior exec for TechSoup. She also built NGOsource, an initiative funded by the Gates and Hewlett Foundations. She currently co-hosts Coin Desk’s Money Reimagined show, and serves on various crypto and financial industry boards.

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