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You asked for marketing? Well, we’ve been hard at work here at the Fantom Foundation to bring you a fresh, modern blog that leaves our old WordPress looking like a vintage site from the 90s.

And alongside it, we’re introducing this monthly newsletter to bring you the latest in Fantom, written and delivered by (probably) the best marketing team around.

The latest news in Fantom

Fantom Sonic Testnet
We launched the testnet for Sonic, the fast and scalable new iteration of Fantom that’s estimated to process ~2,000 TPS at around one-second finality while reducing storage by up to 90%. News Podcast
Michael Kong, CEO of the Fantom Foundation, jumped on the News Podcast to talk about his beginnings in blockchain and various other topics.

How to Use Sonic
We wrote an in-depth guide that will teach you how to use the Sonic open testnet, like using the testnet explorer, claiming testnet FTM tokens, and performing swaps.

Community Posts Highlights
The Fantom community reacted to the incredible performance of the Sonic testnet, and we compiled some of their best reactions on X in this article.

Staking Summit 2023
Michael Kong joined a panel at Staking Summit 2023 alongside other industry experts to discuss liquid staking and whether it should be enshrined.

Token Terminals Podcast
Michael Kong discussed the core value proposition of Fantom on the Fundamentals podcast and explored several key topics regarding Fantom.


Closed Testnet Swaps
We shifted the closed testnet from its normal traffic to handle exclusively ERC-20 swap transactions, allowing us to process around 4,000 TPS at ~1.3 second finality.

Vertical Blocks

Messari Talks About Fantom Innovation & Growth

In this exclusive interview, Luis Fausto from the Fantom Foundation chats with Messari analyst, Ryan Graham, AKA Average Joe’s Crypto.In this discussion, Rya…

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Fantom Sonic with Fantom’s Chief Research Officer Bernhard Scholz

Join us in an DEEP DIVE conversation with Bernhard Scholz, Chief Research Officer at Fantom, as we delve into the latest technological advancements that are…

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