Fantom Insights — Jan ’24


Another year has passed, and we sincerely hope that everyone had an amazing time with their friends and family as we celebrated the arrival of 2024, or as we like to call it, “the year of Sonic.”

Since the last Fantom Insights newsletter, quite a few things have happened in the world of Fantom, mostly related to the Sonic upgrade, which is set to take blockchain technology to the next level in early 2024.

Apply to Sonic Labs

Sonic Labs is an incubator for developers to build innovative dApps with unprecedented performance, preparing for the Sonic mainnet. Up to 5 teams participating will receive: 

  • An equal share of 1,000,000 FTM
  • Direct mentorship from Andre Cronje and other fantastic mentors
  • The opportunity to be part of the official Sonic mainnet launch in early 2024
  • Private capital opportunities

Apply now to participate in Sonic Labs!

The latest news in Fantom

Delphi Digital Report
“To this end, Fantom has developed a new innovative Sonic client that pushes the limits of monolithic design.” Delphi Digital released its latest report on Fantom and our groundbreaking Sonic network.

Closed Testnet ERC-20 Processing
We ended the two-week period of the Sonic closed testnet processing exclusively ERC-20 transactions, and it didn’t disappoint. We achieved ~4,000 TPS at 1.3-second finality, around the clock.

Sonic Builders Testnet
We launched the Sonic builders testnet, which offers the needed tools for developers to launch dApps on Sonic technology. All the information needed to deploy dApps on the Sonic builders testnet can be found in our documentation.

Andre Cronje on Lightspeed
The Blockworks Lightspeed podcast hosted Andre Cronje, on which he shared his journey, lessons, and why he’s betting big on Fantom. Plus, his take on airdrops and crypto regulation.

Sonic Maze Game
We launched Maze on the Sonic builders testnet, a game to showcase the incredible performance of the network. In the game, users move through fields by submitting transactions to reach a finish position.

Gas Monetization Bonus Round
We distributed over 310,000 FTM to the top 12 dApps on Fantom that used the most gas, as part of the latest Gas Monetization bonus round, highlighting the power of Gas Monetization in providing developers with passive income.

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