Farcana Patents Play-to-Hash Model, Game Updates Ready

    • Farcana hosts a dinner event to allow guests to test out the game’s latest updates.
    • It also highlights the official patenting of its unique Play-to-Hash model.
    • The CEO announces exciting new features on the platform including a hoverboard.

The P2E gaming metaverse — Farcana, hosted an insightful rooftop event at  Hive JVC, Dubai on Friday, April 15, 2022. To highlight, the event showcased the platform’s exciting new features and updates. Specifically, the CEO and Founder of Farcana — Ilman Shazhaev, made the announcement.

In particular, before focusing on the game’s new updates, Shazhaev reminisces about the brand’s last event, two months ago, at the same venue. He also talks about Farcana’s achievements so far and speaks particularly about the WOW Summit in Dubai.

The night was lit up by many videos and presentations from the Farcana team. These covered a variety of sections which included an introduction video, Farcana’s time at WOW Summit Dubai, details about Farcana’s ecosystem, and revelations of the game’s latest updates.

In detail, Farcana is a AAA GameFi metaverse with a battle royale mode. Players can have a shoot-out in order to win daily, monthly, and yearly tournaments. The prize pool for these tournaments is guaranteed by the platform’s unique Play-to-Hash model. This model provides Bitcoin (BTC) to winners along with hash rate. In fact, Farcana’s partner Binance Pool backs this actual hash power for Bitcoin prizes.  

The story of Farcana takes place on the red planet of Mars. Thus, avatars in the game are beings who came from space to colonize the planet. Wherein, a Bitcoin mining factory is built over a nuclear power station. From the videos, it looks like players will have a battle royale where the last one standing will claim the mined Bitcoin. 

Farcana also provides a watcher link that connects to the reward mining pool. Therefore, it guarantees full transparency on the platform. More importantly, Shazhaev announces, as of last week, the project officially got a patent for their Play-to-Hash model. Accordingly, he is proud to say that they built a deflation model that offers stability, a trait that is scarce in GameFi.

Besides this, the team is also happy to announce exciting new updates for Farcana. Looking close, the new updates make the game seem like a whole new platform. To specify, in just two months, Farcana has brought a whole new set of features. Presently, the game now has a Back To The Future-inspired hoverboard as well as a car for players to find and explore Mars.

In addition, the shooting system also got an upgrade which makes shooting feel more authentic during gameplay. Meanwhile, the team is now working on map direction along with many other updates that Farcana will announce later via social media.

Adding on, one of the videos also mentions the launch of Farcana Labs and its ventures. Other exciting updates to expect from Farcana are AI assistance game avatars that will stay with players to guide and advise them.

Furthermore, another video mentions a brain-computer interface that will project a player’s emotions into the game. Certainly, this is a game-changer and a very intriguing medical experiment. The world will find out more later this year, as the video suggests possible solutions to mental health problems.

Lastly, Shazhaev also mentions new breath-taking visuals for battle royale fight scenes. He then talks about what to expect next. Currently, Farcana is working on new tokenomics to offer greater stability to the GameFi sector. As this cannot be changed later, they are putting all their focus here.

Finally, he says there will also be a new roadmap for Farcana with precise details soon. After which, he concludes by inviting guests to try out the thrilling new version of the game on laptops provided at the event.

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