FIL/USD has a potential to gain 30% if bullish momentum is sustained

  • Filecoin price analysis turns optimistic.

  • At $19.2, there is support for FIL.

  • At $21.9, there is some resistance.

The most recent Filecoin price analysis indicates a positive trend, as the price has increased significantly today. Yesterday, the value of FIL peaked at $19.6 after breaking over the barrier of $19.3, and today, the bullish upswing has led to a further gain in the price, with its value increasing to $20.3, hitting a weekly high. At the start of today’s trading session, the price breakout was higher, as bulls managed to maintain their advantage. Prices are projected to rise much more in the following hours.

The upward trend in the FIL/USD 1-day price chart continues over $20

The one-day Filecoin value analysis reveals that today’s price function is still moving higher. The price has risen, and the coin is now worth $20.3. Although these price fluctuations are minor, the cryptocurrency has acquired a valuation of 5.60 percent in the previous 24 hours. The crypto combination has earned a value of 8.80 percent in the last week; perhaps, the price will rise more during the day. 

The FIL/USD has been able to hold the price level during this week, as the persistent downward trajectory appears to be drawing to a halt.

Source – TradingView

Even though the bulls had previously dominated the market movements, the bears hampered the price function, and a reversal was also witnessed four hours ago. However, the price is presently filling the range again, as it trades around the upper threshold of the volatility indicator.

As a consequence of the recent positive movement, the price is presently at $20.3.

The current moving average value is $19.7. Volatility is minimal, suggesting that an upswing is imminent. The Bollinger Bands Indicator’s upper limit is $20.55, signaling resistance for FIL’s price, while its lower limit is $18.1.

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