FITFI Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is FITFI a Good Investment?


The NFT economy has ushered in hundreds of new cryptocurrency bull rushes. The most notable of them has been GameFi and metaverse product domination throughout much of 2021. Last year’s best-performing investments fell into these categories. FITFI price prediction could be a helpful guide for one looking for an intelligent investment. Here’s why:

FitFi exists at the nexus of the physical and the digital; it is the completion of a very physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse, using NFTs and geo-location technology. Step’s FitFi metaverse now includes augmented reality for enhanced immersion.

Fitness Finance is a free market system where participants profit from the $100 billion fitness industry’s worth. This innovative system is the Web3.0 equivalent of digital fitness experiences and applications.

Web2.o enabled people to consume as well as generate fitness content. It transferred the value earned by their fitness content to the platform owners.

GameFi is a similar concept. Gaming is a $200 billion industry in which many consume and produce for the profit of a few. Web3.0 enables everyone to earn a piece of the market they participate in. With the rise of GameFi and play2earn, this became a reality.

FitFi and move2earn are turning points in bringing the vast fitness industry to individuals to allow them to earn money from it.

What Exactly Is FitFi Crypto?

FitFi token is the Step App ecosystem’s governance token. In the Step App, FITFI is also a utility coin that benefits from ecosystem fees. Users can stake FITFI tokens to earn up to 50% of the market value of the tokens.

Step App (ticker symbol FITFI) is the native coin of the mobile application, trading at around $0.6 – $0.7 with a market cap of $166 million.

Since its launch on Bybit on April 26th, it pumped around 13000% in the first week, hitting another top in its second week of $0.73, on May 5th, the current FITFI all-time high.

Listed on, it opened at $0.28 a day after Bybit exchange – most of the FITFI price growth was on day one – and the FITFI top was higher on that exchange, $0.79. After Step App (FITFI) got listed on Supercharger on 9 May, users have the chance to boost their returns by 10x. 88 lucky participants will win an exclusive “Supercharger 10x Booster” NFT that multiplies their FITFI rewards, allowing them to earn up to 23% p.a.

FitFi coin is now trading on many cryptocurrency exchanges such

  • Charging Duration (First 30 days) – Users can stake and unstake from the Supercharger pool (with no gas fees) at any time during the Charging Period. The price of the reward token is determined at the end of this period.
  • Reward Distribution Period (Next 30 days) – Users will receive their reward tokens during the Reward Distribution Period based on their share of the crypto provided during the Charging Period. Their eligible reward tokens will be distributed daily during this 30-day period after accepting the reward terms. Users will forfeit a portion of their reward if they do not accept the terms before the Reward Distribution Period begins.

Founders of Step App

The Step App team is led by its president Dharpan Randhawa, a former executive at British motor racing group McLaren Racing. Randhawa also runs the brand agency Talisman, which has offices in Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai, and Shanghai.

The project’s CEO is Kirill Volgin, former CFO for DeFi investing platform Zerion. Another notable member of the team is CTO Dmitry Gordeychuk, crypto and DeFi veteran. Project advisors are Dovey Wan and Hatu Sheikh. Robert Vukosa has been designated as the primary business developer.

$KCAL tokens are the game asset. Used to mint & maintain NFTs, among other functions. Some $KCAL tokens, to bootstrap, are given to early adopters in the fair mechanism.