Flagship Liquidity Pools on Optimism. | by Beethoven x | Jun, 2022


Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Can you feel it, can you hear it? The emotion, the energy, the music!

Balancer technology has arrived on Optimism.

After all that time spent cooped up on the Imagine Wagon it’s now time to let loose and have some fun. It’s time to explore, it’s time to get creative, it’s time to make some Music!

As we deploy on Optimism we are proud to be bringing with us 4 flagship pools that will kick start our journey — musical, masterful and above all else exceedingly creative:

  2. ETH, OP, USDC
  3. ETH, wBTC, USDC

With Lennon driving and the Beetals on the bus, it’s only right that we pay homage to one of the greatest rock bands of our generation.

Pool #1: All you need is Love, BAL, OP, BEETS

As the Ludwigs scramble through the city in a joyful frenzy, Degen apprentice puts his phone down to ask Lennon where they are going next and what they will need to thrive in OP City.

Lennon casually, brings down his glasses just a touch and with a twinkle in his eye, smiles and says “The answer to that dear friend is delightfully simple. All you need is love.”

And with that we have our first composition for the Beethoven remix on Optimism — A pool for the maxis, containing the three tokens: BEETS, BAL and OP, weighted as a 40:40:20 pool.

Pool #2: Happy Road ETH, OP, USDC

Gleeful and zealous, the Ludwigs frolic through OP city without a care in the world. Lennon watches on like a lost boy in Neverland and is brought to a happy place of youthful reminiscence. With memories from Abbey Road coursing through his veins, Lennon starts to sing a familiar tune with a bit of an Optimistic twist.

Once again the rhythm plays out at 40:40:20, but this time its embellished with hints of ETH, OP and the USDC. Lennon smiles as he travels down a Happy Road.

Pool #3: Lennons’s Long, ETH, wBTC, USDC

Lennon, with his heart full of happiness and love for the new world, starts to feel that wonderful sensation of inspiration begin to simmer. As the Qi builds up through sheer ecstasy, it trickles up through his spine and into his third eye. The chakras are activated and everything becomes psychedelic. In a cosmic vision for the future, where everything is one, Lennon lets out a song like no one’s ever heard before. The city stops and the ludwigs are brought to tears of joy — This is Lennon’s Long.

The holy trinity: ETH, wBTC, USDC in harmony, perfect balance and equally weighted.

Pool #4: Optimistic 8-Track, BEETS, BAL, OP, SNX, PERP, LYRA, sUSD and USDC

“One more tune, one more tune” — high off the vibrations from the previous melodies the Ludwigs chant as one for more. For more love, more energy, more music.

Lennon goes quiet for a moment and begins to imagine. He begins to imagine a world where love, peace and kindness rule supreme. Transfixed in a lucid state of vivid imagination a vision appears before him and he is shown the mystical number 8 — a magical number of wealth and abundance. With the intention clear and his heart aligned, Lennon starts to strum an 8 note melody. A melody from grace and a gift from the gods. Balanced to perfection in octovian harmony: BEETS, BAL, OP, SNX, PERP, LYRA, sUSD and USDC.

Lennon beams with pride as he reveals his Optimistic 8-Track

And there you have it. The 4 pools that will be the beginning of a journey on Optimism. A creative composition of assets tailored to fit our new home. Each pool is packed with the most innovative tech in DeFi and carefully curated to accentuate the very best experience for traders and investors.

We are super excited to be here on Optimism and we are looking forward to the journey ahead. We are an anon team of highly skilled, meticulously disciplined, empathetic, diverse, humble people from all over the world, honing our craft to a ridiculous level, building something we love out of passion, interest and an aspiration to achieve financial independence while contributing to something valuable to the world.

This is just the beginning. Imagine.

Important: Incentives for the pools will begin roughly 24hrs from deployment. Always remember, when joining pools with shallow liquidity, users should add liquidity proportionally to avoid slippage and asset loss.

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