Flickto’s Public Sale Will Soon Go Live on KICK.IO Launchpad

  • Flickto (FLICK) will soon hold its public sale on KICK.IO.
  • The total token supply of the FLICK token is 5 billion.

Flickto (FLICK), the first Cardano media launchpad, will soon hold a public sale on Cardano-based fundraising platform KICK.IO launchpad.

Flickto’s first IDO round will kick off on December 27, 2021, at 12:00 PM UTC. The first IDO round will end on December 30, 12:00 PM UTC. Public sale price of the token is $0.009.

Notably, the total supply of the FLICK token is 5 billion, of which 330 million tokens are available for first-round sale. In addition, the first-round hard cap is 2.97 million. The payment option is through ADA. Tokens will be locked, vesting on the 1st of June, 2022.

The Flickto platform is a Cardano-powered community media launchpad which is designed to bring lasting change to the way media projects are funded. The platform will level the playing field, by taking the power away from media giants and giving it directly to Flickto’s community.

The goal of Flickto is to empower creators to release the next generation of content. As a direct project funder, Flickto will redefine public participation as well as provide an opportunity for sponsors to financially benefit from successful projects.

Flickto’s community will fund innovative Films, TV, and streaming shows that are unable to access funding. The FLICK token holders will be able to generate more FLICK through voting on projects, staking, and will receive a portion of the royalties from the successful media projects.

Furthermore, FLICK will be completely tradable on the open market along with NFT airdrops, and (ISPO) Initial Stake Pool Offering providing an additional benefit to the community. The KICK.IO is a Cardano-related fundraising project accelerator, developed to offer transparent, efficient, and fully decentralized crowdfunding services. Moreover, the KICK.IO is set to be the cornerstone of the new Cardano-based DeFi landscape. It is the place where Cardano’s extensive community comes together to fund projects characterized by their immense potential for the success of the future.

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