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  • Is anything cool happening before Christmas?

Well, at DIGITALAX things move so fast that we don’t operate by a normal 9–5 week or even normal calendar year ?? So, with that said, there are plenty of new deployments occurring this week and before the end of the year, including that of $W3F Staking, The DLTA V3, DIGIFIZZY Magazine Edition 8…. and some more updates to come across the Designer Realm custom primary interfaces, new platform launch at runway.digitalax.xyz and the initiation of dedicated indie web3 fashion collector DAOs… stay tuned!

  • What else can be done to activate more of the dedicated buy side activity in indie web3 fashion?

As we see Nike, Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana and more, attempt to buy, copy and kill nascent protocols on their way into web3, it is clear that the most established brands with cult followings built over decades, which have somehow survived the social media transformation of existing business practices, have woken up to the $$ available in web3 as a branding and hype marketing term.

The actual power of web3 is that now the ability of anyone in a market to decide for ourselves how and when to create and use our own wealth is rapidly becoming beyond the control of corporate brands and others whose debt based consumer appeal has to keep up with millions of upstart competitors with radically lower operational, coordination and scale up costs.

In this climate, it is almost shocking that no serious dedicated indie web3 fashion collector DAOs currently exist. Decentralization is power here as much as in any other sector.

A federated model of countless DAOs learning from and mutually assisting each other through hypergrowth network effects is far better than any one DAO to rule them all, let alone one DAO to collect mostly the old symbols of corporate luxury, wealth, and power (which is unfortunately all that we have today).

DIGITALAX is dedicated to not just supporting and extensively helping form and strengthen the supply side of the market, but also, very much the buy side also. There are more exciting updates to come on this shortly!

Adidas dropped their NFTs this week, and with a corporate like that coming into the space you’d at least expect them to get the basic whitelisting procedures executed correctly. But, probably the worst part of it is that $24 million just left the Ethereum/Web3 ecosystem, probably for good. Adidas can say they believe in DAOs and NFTs and Web3 and gm and wgmi all they want, but if you really think they are going to look out for this space and actually implement true decentralisation principles then not only is that naive, but its also the definition of ngmi.

Any new brand can launch and create a truly web3 ecosystem today, and supporting the authentic web3 labels, brands, projects and protocols is the best way to continue to accelerate the staggering scale up of the open metaverse that we can all have a part in owning and gaining direct value from, instead of hoping for the leftover crumbs falling from giant corporate tables.

Why is this a silly fail? Well, to anyone who has been in this space for more than 5 minutes can see that a timeline of 3–5 years is way way too conservative.

In the next 6 months — 2 years the staggering scale up of web3 and the open metaverse will be beyond what any one of us can imagine or start to comprehend. And the best part is, web3 fashion is right at the heart of all of it.

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