FUD FAQ | A Weekly Community Thread | Week 45


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  • Are there any other announcements or updates that we need to follow leading up to the first Realm Runway event during NY Fashion Week February 12th?

All models and designers are heads down as we get ready to go live with our first IRL+digital Runway event. NFT Tickets will be sent out this week — make sure to have these shown on arrival. To get the most of this first ever, one of a kind experience, join us right at the start when doors open at 7pm.

This is your chance to accelerate onboarding and mix with so many creative people being brought into web3 fashion from complementary skillsets that are rarely considered in traditional fashion: models, stylists, MUAs, and so many more. All in the heart of the action during NYFW.

  • What makes CC0 an essential mechanism to unlock the value and spread understanding of web3? And why is there still so much hesitation around it?

It’s no wonder that so many indie creatives want protection guarantees from the idea that anything new will lead to more abuse, as that is all they have known from those who control content industries for the past many decades. Creatives of all kinds have been told repeatedly that everything that they do belongs to those more powerful than them, that all content, all creativity even, must be locked down at all times to protect the powerful against the creative. And yet, all of this is just for our own good. So, first off, shut up and take it. Second, distract ourselves thinking that bold statements in ad campaigns, youtube videos and instagram accounts constantly under threat of being shut down really can change the world. Lastly, pretend that mimicking the actions of these corporate abusers on a tiny scale by wrapping ourselves in flimsy claims to copyright protections will somehow prevent all of the abuse we continue to receive.

Instead, the power enabled by us through CC0 is deep and many layered. The most important in this context is how it removes power from those who have a very long track record of abusing it against us, prevents them or anyone else from cutting off our access to information and creativity, and, actually protects us from the real scarcity of creative liquidity that every artist should be more concerned with.

Interesting thread, and certainly covers a broad range of the VC activity in the market. However, there is one key point missing— concentrated capital that stagnates in locked down pools isn’t needed in web3. Now with the leverage of open ledger books and the compounding incentives of shared liquidity pools traditional VC backroom deals aren’t needed, even the so-called smart ones, because no strings attached capital is wildly abundant. And the final fact is, if VCs are well intended, which some definitely are, then they can also buy and sell in this open market with no strings attached— deal flow doesn’t get better than that.

The most clown shit take in this statement is the absurd idea that the metaverse is 10 years away. Don’t even know where to begin with this one. Good luck dude.

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