Galaxy Survivor, RPG Developed On Blockchain


The once vibrant NFT market is now even more exciting with the participation of the new tactical NFT game, Galaxy Survivor.

What is Galaxy Survivor?

Galaxy Survivor is a Real-time Strategy game combining Role-playing Game developed on the Blockchain platform. It allows players not only to experience a beautiful, vivid 3D Game, but also to participate in battles, complete tasks to receive attractive rewards (NFT).

Galaxy Survivors allows players to not only experience the game, but also earn profits through exciting in-game activities. With Galaxy Survivor, players can explore different types of NFTs to trade in the market like Spaceships, Blueprints, Skill Gems, spare parts.

Each spaceship is 1 NFT. There are 5 different levels of Spaceship rarity, and rarity will determine the initial battle data, the number of empty slots to replenish equipment, the number of diamonds received.

BluePrint is the most valuable NFT item in the game, made from BluePrint shards that can be earned from PVE and PVP activities in the game. When using BluePrint, players will have the opportunity to receive new spaceships (NFTs) or new parts (NFTs) to power up their fleet. BluePrint is NFT so it can be traded on Marketplace.

Galaxy Survivor builds a dual token system: $GLXY and $GMEM.

To get $GMEM you need to swap from $GLXY to $GMEM through GMEM Loyalty feature (Coming Soon on Website) for 30% fee including Participation Fee and Response Fee (fee 28% and 2% respectively).

How to play

Galaxy Survivor is one of the most in-depth products on the market but has a friendly interface, and easy access. Players will build their own fleet and take part in challenges with increasing difficulty according to the plot in order to receive the materials to upgrade the strength of the squadron.

The game uses the real-time attack mechanism characteristic of the tactical game series. Players need to calculate thoroughly to arrange the squad before the start of the match to gain advantages.

The ticket that is about to be sold is a whitelist to buy INO, the face value of the ticket corresponds to the number of spins the user receives (1$ / 5$ / 10$), the user can earn more spins by doing other small missions, the reward of The rotation is like the list in the file with the biggest item being Special Warship NFT worth $2000 and other rewards, including USDT, Slot Whitelist IDO, Assorted NFTs, VR glasses

Users can buy tickets to join INO from only 1$ but win up to $2000, other gifts are also very diverse.

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