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Dave of Gamiverse Club dropped by to talk to Andrew, our Editor-in-Chief, about the exciting things they have been working on and to take some questions from the community.

To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment were selected to win a share of prizes worth $100!

If you would like more information about Gamiverse Club, please visit their website at

Andrew: Alright, folks! It’s time for our AMA with Gamiverse Club! They’re joining us to talk about their project and answer some of your questions.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • I’ll mute the chat so our guest can easily respond to my questions.
  • After answering my questions, I’ll unmute the chat so you all can ask your questions.
  • You’ll have two minutes to get your questions added to the chat.
  • After the two minutes are up, I’ll mute the chat again.
  • Our guest will select 5 questions and answer them. 
  • Those 5 questions will be the winners of our $100 prize pool!
  • Our guest can then choose to answer more questions if they have time to stick around.
  • I’ll unmute the chat and you all call can discuss how you think the AMA went.

Now, let’s get this party started!

Dave: Hello and thank you for this opportunity

Andrew: Thank YOU for joining us!

To get things started, tell us what Gamiverse Club is and where the concept for the project came from?

Dave: Gamiverse Club is spearheading and guiding a revolution in Auto staking and DEFI 3.0. 

With our Gamiverse Club and a utility-driven approach, we want to change how people earn money and use it for entertainment. 

We provide a very sustainable APY of 307,735.64% and are creating a whole universe where people can keep their money safely, earn huge interests on their holdings and also have an additional opportunity to multiply their earnings by playing exciting games.

Andrew: I’m a gamer myself so I love seeing the integration of crypto and games!

Dave: We are basically a utility-driven approach to auto-staking.

Andrew: That’s perfect! Gaming with an actual utility is what I’m all about. Love hearing that’s how your platform works!

As we all know, there are so many projects out there, especially as the GameFi movement continues to develop. What makes yours unique and why should people invest?

Dave: Yes, there are a lot of projects out there that claim to provide the highest APYs but, most of these are not sustainable or don’t have utilities. 

  • We guarantee a 3x increase in profits at the launch if you buy in the presale.  
  • Our unique utility-driven approach is what separates us from our competitors. 
  • We also have no team tokens and all marketing and development tokens are vested. 
  • We would also be having an exclusive collector NFT launch.

Below are all our USPs in one place:

  1. First-ever Utility Driven Automatic Staking Project
  2. Introducing First of its kind Clubhouse – The Gamiverse Club.
  3. Exclusive NFT Launch for the Gamiverse Club.
  4. Highest Sustainable Fixed APY 307,735.64% with Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming
  5. Rug-Proof: No Team Tokens or Direct Minting to Wallet. All Tokens Vested in Contracts. 
  6. Get Rewards Every 30 Minutes / 48 Times Daily
  7. Burning 1% supply every day ( 1 Million tokens )
  8. Burning 2% in buy and 3% in sell transactions
  9. Ample Utility
  10. Gamiverse Options Trading
  11. Gamiverse Decentralised Exchange.
  12. Gamiverse Poker Arenas
  13. Gamiverse Lottery ( $GL )
  14. Gamiverse Roulett
  15. Gamiverse Bank
  16. Gamiverse Dex
  17. Gamiverse launchpad
  18. Experienced Developers
  19. Recurring Audit reports for maximum security
  20. Liquidity Locked for 2 years

Andrew: Sounds like you have a solid plan in place to make sure your project succeeds!

Man, you also have so many unique features in that list! That’s so cool. I can’t wait to start playing some of those game elements myself!

With all those different aspects, your project roadmap seems ambitious and filled with awesome checkpoints. What are some of the future developments you are most excited about?

Dave: Yes, we are very excited in regard to our future roadmap.

  • The presale is started and the first audit report is out. Next, we would be locking our liquidity and vesting tokens. 
  • The checkpoints we look forward to most are NFT drops, Utility launches, and listings throughout the blockchain universe (CMC, CG, trust wallet, etc.)

Here is your roadmap:

  1. Create an innovative and game-changing whitepaper
  2. Token Vesting / Unicrypt Liquidity Locked 2 years
  3. Audit Report
  4. Pre-sale Requisites
  5. Pre-sale Marketing ( Multilingual Community Establishment, Content Generation )
  6. Pre-sale Start/End
  7. Main Launch on Pancake
  8. First Exclusive Gamiverse Club NFT Launch with unique perks
  9. 1st Utility launch ( Options trading )
  10. CoinMarket Cap and CoinGecko Listings
  11. TrustWallet Listing
  12. 2nd Utility ( Decentralized Exchange Launch )
  13. 3rd Utility ( Gamiverse Lottery ($GL) )
  14. Growth Marketing ( Social Media Marketing, SEO, PR, etc)
  15. Second Gamiverse Club NFT Launch
  16. 4th Utility ( Gamiverse Club Beta – Roulette, Dice, Poker, etc )
  17. 5th Utility ( GVERSE LaunchPad )
  18. Gamiverse Club Launch

Andrew: Great! Sounds like things are moving along well.

Wow, that’s a comprehensive roadmap! You guys seem to have everything planned out nicely.

And I’m glad to see the inclusion of NFTs because everyone knows I’m an NFT nerd!

You mentioned an audit, which is always good to hear! Continuing on that topic, how do you ensure investors’ funds are safe on your platform?

Dave: As already mentioned all funds raised by us would be safe and secure. 

  • We would be having frequent and recurring audits, with audit reports available for our community.
  • All our marketing and development tokens are vested.
  • Our liquidity is locked. 
  • We have zero team tokens.
  • There is no minting to the wallet. 
  • All these steps make us rug-proof.

Andrew: That’s great to hear. You have some nice checks in place to make sure safety is always a top priority.

Switching topics a bit, what are some plans you have to grow and engage your community?

Dave: We have currently hired a few famed agencies to grow and engage our community.

  • We have the best YouTubers working for us. We also have a very engaged telegram and Twitter audience. 
  • Also, shortly after the release, we would be listing ourselves on Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko, and Trustwallet.
  • We have the world’s best utilities like poker, Options trading, lottery, dice, Dex, Roulette, bank, etc. 
  • We would be using Growth Marketing ( Social Media Marketing, SEO, PR, etc)
  • Through marketing, we would let everyone in this field know that we have a project that can help them.

Andrew: That’s awesome! Seems like you have everything in place for some big growth. Looking forward to seeing you guys kill it.

To get all these awesome things you’re talking about implemented, you certainly need to have a solid team. Who do you have involved and how will their unique skills help Gamiverse Club succeed?

Dave: Our team is an experienced set of individuals from all over the globe.

  • We got together slowly due to our interests and realized using our individual talents as a team we can achieve something far greater. 
  • We have a combined experience of 10+ years in blockchain marketing and 12+ in Blockchain technology development.              
  • We have very deep and comprehensive knowledge about the market and how the tech works.

Andrew: That’s good to hear! Sounds like you all have some solid experience.

Looking a bit into the future, if everything goes as planned, where do you see Gamiverse Club in the next year?

Dave: If everything goes as planned we see Gamiverse Club leading the auto-staking industry with its utilities. 

  • We see ourselves as the one-stop shop for everything related to money, savings, and entertainment. 
  • We would see ourselves as the world’s first blockchain-based long-tern gaming house. 
  • We want to be a project that is self-sustaining and self-propelling driven by the community.
  • We want to build something that takes power away from inflation and traditional banking and gives it back to the people.

Andrew: Nice! I’m looking forward to watching those come true for you and your team.

It’s just about time for our community questions. But before I open up the chat, can you tell us where the best places to follow your project and join the Gamiverse Club community would be?

Dave: Here are the best places to follow the project. 

Our Website – 

Our Twitter – 

Our Telegram –

Andrew: Awesome! Community, be sure to join them as they launch their project.

Now, it’s time for community questions! 

Community Questions

@Cap_Monster: Is there a referral program in Gamiverse Club? I saw something like that. How does it work?

Dave: Yes there is a referral program in Gamiverse Club. In the presale which is currently live the first level of referral earns you 7% of the commission on the tokens bought and when they refer to someone, you earn 3%. We are also awarding top 3 referrals 3% of the total value raised in the presale. The first one gets 1.5% second gets 1 % and the third gets 1.5%

Crypto Helper: Will everyone participating in the presale get NFT? will this NFT have any benefits in the future?

Dave: We have different levels of tiers in the presale:

1) If you invest minimum of $5k, you will enter the SILVER club and will be rewarded with an exclusive NFT

2) If you invest minimum of $10k, you will enter the GOLD club and will be rewarded with an exclusive NFT and an additional 5% tokens of what you buy(will be locked for 1 month)

3) If you invest minimum of $20k, you will enter the PLATINUM club and will be rewarded with an exclusive NFT and an additional 7% tokens of what you buy(will be locked for 1 month)

NFTs will give special status on our platform and you’ll get exclusive benefits like getting rewards while playing, getting extra bonuses, and lot of other things

@DebiGrace1998: Is Project functional for mobile devices? Or are you planning to design an app based on Android & iOS in the future?

Dave: So currently we have a web app where you can connect with metamask or mobile wallets like safepal, trust wallet. You can participate in the presale while our web app. Now moving on to the utilities like for options trading we are already working on the android app and ios app and I guess should be up in a month or so. So practically you can add your tokens in the dashboard of our mobile apps and can play and earn 🙂

@mercedesroyer56: How can I join the presale or IDO? What is the estimated date? Where can I buy your tokens?

Dave: Our presale is already live, you can check out our website, the link is shared above. You can open the presale app and connect your wallet. You can participate using the BNB or the BUSD. Once invested you can see your invested amount in your dashboard. We will be live on pancake swap on the 26th of April (exact time yet to be announced) and after the launch, you’ll be able to claim your tokens.

@HERCULES_45: According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and a strong community to achieve the goal?

Dave: As already shared earlier about the roadmap, we are a strong utility-driven project, unlike others. We already have a sneak peek of some of our utilities, you can join our TG group for more info. We have many utilities lined up in the pipeline to be launched within the next 1 month. With the pancake launch minimum, 1 utility will be live. Talking about funds, all our team members have contributed enough for the development and marketing works, as you can see already a lot of big YouTubers are talking about us, CMC CG is already lined up and will be listed soon once we launch on pancake swap. We believe in hard work and our strength is our honesty and delivering the commitments.

Our team doesn’t have any tokens and they will be buying like you guys. So join us and be a part of the revolution that is about to come.

@Olivaricker1995: Many Blockchains Games Have Recently Developed and many Games are Developing So, How You Aim To Become More Better and Superior Than Other Gaming Platform, Will you give a Tough Competition?

Dave: We are unique, not like any other projects in the blockchain space. 

We have a unique concept of giving passive income(as rebase) and of course play and earn opportunities. Nobody has done that and nobody will do that. 

Many projects will come and many will go, but Gamiverse is here to stay, Gamiverse is here to sustain, Gamiverse is here to bind our community together. 

That’s all guys, all other questions will be answered in group, shoot them and we are there to answer you guys. Cya there!

Andrew: Thank you so much for joining us to tell us about Gamiverse Club! I’m looking forward to seeing you all do big things.

And a huge thank you to our community for joining us for this AMA and submitting your questions! You all rock!

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