Gentlemen’s Baby Club — An Ultimate NFT Project With Limited Collection of 7’777 babies


The perfect balance between NFT and real experience. The Gentlemen’s baby club will provide 7,777 NFTs to combine technology and passion. This concept created especially for vehicles, blockchain and metaverse enthusiasts will allow you to reach your limits by exceeding them with us.

The GBC offers a unique collection of 7,777 babies, which can be used both as avatars and as access to the virtual and real automobile club that is about to be launched. Each of the babies will have their own exclusive characteristics that will accompany you along your journey.

Each baby will give you access to many benefits and offers that will develop over time. Your baby will be your digital identity to access vehicle platforms, races and championships in the metaverse. Your NFT will also be the pass that opens the doors to exclusive real events, including the provision of luxury vehicles, jets, yachts and international championships in the USA, Europe and the UAE.

Gentlemen’s Baby

Today this NFT gives you access to a limitless world dedicated to automobile, tomorrow it will open the doors to your real vehicle.

About Gentlemen’s Baby Club

The Gentlemen’s Baby Club is a collection of 7’777 unique Gentlemen’s baby NFTs— exclusive digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Gentlemen’s baby also acts as your Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of them is access to car events. Future benefits, events and privileges can be unlocked by the community through the activation of the roadmap.

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