Glimpse Brings Web3 to Social Media


Glimpse is decentralized social media – empowering content creators and end-users through NFTs.  

Centralized social media platforms treat the user as the product. As more people become aware of this, both creators and fans alike are asking themselves why they’re providing so much value without seeing any rewards in return. There’s a shift in the mentality around social media where supporters, followers, and fans want to directly support their favorite creators, artists, and athletes – instead of letting the platforms take the lion’s share of revenues.  

The Glimpse Web3 social app flips the revenue model of legacy platforms where the user is the product. Glimpse utilizes blockchain and NFTs to create digital experiences that generate incredible value for users. With Glimpse, creators can easily monetize their favorite everyday moments while end users are rewarded for their social interactions, and brands can run organic ad campaigns by seamlessly capturing user-generated content (UGC). 

Glimpse allows creators to easily make NFTs and sell them to fans as 1/1 digitally unique items. It also brings end users into this revenue model by allowing them to share in the profits by getting rewarded for their social interactions; likes, comments, shares, impressions, and views all have monetary value on the platform. Glimpse utilizes the GLMS token as the payment currency of the system. 

With Glimpse, creators can directly connect with their fans and monetize their following, while their supporters can own something that no one else has and connect with creators in a unique way. On top of that, fans can actually meet their favorite creative stars in their personal virtual spaces! Glimpse serves as the antidote to Facebook and Instagram, where content creators are exploited and end users receive no true value. 

With powerful collaborations and new advancements always in the works, Glimpse is sure to change the game. CEO and founder Theodore Kozlowski recently announced, “We are excited to establish a synergetic partnership with ProjectX. Our partnership maximizes the utility of NFTs purchased on Glimpse and provides an even greater monetization option for our users through the incorporation of DeFi.” 

A Web3 social platform has yet to emerge, and Glimpse is well-positioned as a first mover in decentralized social media to capture a large portion of the $200B social networking market that’s predicted to increase to $1T by 2026. With all its advanced and unique features, there’s no doubt that Glimpse is primed to become the next global social media platform. Visit the Glimpse website to join the waitlist and link with all the platform’s social media pages.   

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