Grok Partnership with SafePal


Grok Partnership with SafePal to add the digital wallet developed by SafePal as one of Grok’s primary payment methods.

Taking the first step towards a partnership, Grok agreed to add the digital wallet developed by SafePal as one of Grok’s primary payment methods. This fascinating integration is designed to provide Grok users with a useful tool to manage and secure crypto assets and navigate the Grokverse with ease. In addition, approaching the thriving community of SafePal from a series of events such as Giftbox’s NFT Raffle in this strategic partnership will probably make a great contribution to attracting existing users and attracting new users for Grok.

What does Grok will offer to the ecosystem?

  • Experienced game development team is building a high quality sandbox open world which ensuring quality and primary gameplay enjoyment.
  • Joining a unique identity growth system that encourages high-quality contributions from participants, including content creation and moderation, community building, and rule setting, is key to their ability to build a community of loyal users and culture that is critical to the sustainability of any Web 3 project.
  • The core of the game is based on multiplayer online interactive experience, and provides an official management system designed for the guild, which can better communicate, manage and train community members.
  • Products provide a convenient way to create, assemble, share 3D model assets, and build Miniverse. Encourage individual and professional creators to create anything with their own creativity and turn it into revenue.
  • Gamify Defi by integrating the top Defi protocols in the on-chain ecosystem into Grok and seamlessly connect more than 3 billion gamers worldwide to the world of Defi.

Grok’s Asset Marketplace

Marketplace is a decentralized auction Marketplace. The auction and delivery of items will be completely decentralized and governed by blockchain. Not only will it support its own on-chain assets, but cross-chain transactions of external assets (NFTs) will be imported in the future, and these assets will also become core privileges for our users.

This promising collaboration, not only users in each community will be beneficial. In conclusion, it will help open up cross-promotion opportunities for both parties.


“We are excited to partner with SafePal to not only secure users’ crypto assets in the market but also further harness the positive impact to help grow the entire Grok ecosystem,” said Raven, the spokesman of Grok.


About SafePal

SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet that aims to provide a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform for the masses. Being the first hardware wallet portfolio of Binance, SafePal is now serving more than 6 million users across the globe. SafePal provides hardware wallet and software wallet product lines. Of course all paired and managed through the SafePal App. Where users can easily store, manage, swap, trade, and grow their crypto wealth. They supported by 15 languages, 32 blockchains, 10,000+ tokens, and NFT support. But also integrated with Binance DEX, Binance Spot Trading. And all DApps such as Ethererum, BSC, Solana, Tron, Polygon networks and many more.

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About Grok

Grok is building a multiplayer online sandbox game. Will provide a powerful visual game editor that encourages creators to create their own Miniverse ecosystem with different gameplay rules. Which will be the most important component of our Grok platform ecosystem.

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